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nursery with wooden flor, round black and white rug, planet lamp, sky with stars wall Domino

Nursery With Big Flower Wallpaper, White Baby Box, Navy Curtain, Grey Rug, Pink Ottoman, White Wooden Cabinet, White Rattan Basket
Nursery With White Walls, Wooden Floor, Whit Baby Box, Blue Sofa, Colorful Ottoman, Blue Lamp
Nursery With White Walls, White Black Wallpaper, White Wooden Baby Box, Grey Chairs, Blue Rug, Brown Leather Ottoman
Nursery With Grey Wall, Brown Wooden Floor, Black Round Rug, Black Cabinet, Black Wooden Baby Box
Nursery With Flowery Wallpaper, Wooden Floor, Pink Rug, Stuffed Horse, White Box, White Floor Lamp
Nursery With White Walls, Brown Wooden Baby Box, Brown Leather Chair, Pink Colorful Rug
Nursery With White Walls, White Floor, Brown Rug, White Wooden Baby Box, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Brown Rattan Elephant, Wooden Lamp
Nursery With Green Wall, Flower Wall Sticker, Matching Sticker, White Wooden Window, Clear Plastic Baby Box, Green Toy Box
Nursery With Wooden Flor, Round Black And White Rug, Planet Lamp, Sky With Stars Wall
Nursery With White Walls, White Wooden Floor, White Slanted Ceiling, White Table, Brown Wooden Chair, Whtie Yellow Sofa, Yellow Baby Box

Children’s room is always interesting to decorate because there are many things that you can do to a child’s room that sometimes you can’t do anymore in an adult room. And that’s why decorating kid’s room is always fun. It brings all of your childish side of character out in the form of design.  And that’s just what you do when you try to decorate a nursery. With just a slight different size of bed and furniture, you will also have the most fun in furnishing a nursery. And here below are some ideas on how to decorate a nursery.

The Bear and the Moon

The wall of a nursery can be the main focus of the room by accentuating something creative and fun like animal, or children’s literature character. Here in the picture we have a bear that seems like it pulls the moon which is the lamp. What’s more is that there is this ladder for hanging clothes can be seen as a ladder to a moon. Play with your imagination!


Cheerful Colour

When decorating a nursery or kid’s room, it is so easy to fall into bright colourful furniture. It makes the room feels bright, fun, and exciting. If you want to have bright colour to give more characters, you can give minimal colour but play it brave and bold.


Sweet Flower

For a baby girls’ nursery, a soft pink nuanced room will always work the best. Flowery wallpaper can be plastered on the wall, and pink cushion box and rug will complete the soft look.


Bolder Flower

If you like something feminine for your baby girl’s nursery but you want something more of character and bolder, you can just adding some bold move to the wall. Bigger and bolder flower wallpaper can give bolder look. Adding a bold coloured drapery can help too.


Grey Neutral

A nursery sometimes will look easily crowded thus it is important to select the right furniture and colours of the room so that it will offer you a wide space to breathe, like neutral colour of white, grey, brown, or nude.


Prettily Nude

This picture here is perfect for you who love to have something really neutral and soft. This kind of colour will be suitable both for boy and girl. And it will last longer as it’s quite neutral.


Modern Chic

A nursery doesn’t have to look all soft, relaxing, and cheerful. Sometimes it can look chic and modern too. For the benefit of the parents who will support the baby whole of the time, a nursery can meet the parents’ style too.


White Up

For those who like to combine white and coloured furniture can try to paint the wall in white and put the furniture in matching neutral vibe then add a colourful rug. It will the room looks like it comprises of two different layers.


Fun Yellow

White room will be a long lasting choice but of course without a touch of fun colours, it can be boring too, especially if you try to decorate a nursery. You can fix a bold baby cot, rug, chairs, or another accessory that can make the room feels alive.


Forest Like

Flora and fauna theme is really an irresistible theme for a kid’s room. And it seems like it’s never wrong. So, if you love to have nature blends well with your children, you can try this kind of thing.

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