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dining room, white floor, pink accent wall, open kitchen, white table, blue chair, pendant Studio Binnen

Dining Room, White Floor, Brown Patterned Rug, White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Glass Pendants, Wooden Table, Orange Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Green Modern Chairs, White Wll, White Pendant, Wooden Table
Dining Room, White Floor, Pink Accent Wall, Open Kitchen, White Table, Blue Chair, Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Brown Rug, Pink Wall, Pink Shelves, White Pendants, Black Table, Black Chairs, Black Bench
Dining Rom, Wooden Floor, Gree Wall, Pink Chairs, Wooden Table, Black Pendant, White Rug, Grey Sofa
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Wall, Pendant, Wooden Table, Grey Modern Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Soft Green Wall, White Wainscoting, Crystal Chandelier, Round Wooden Table, Blue Chairs, Purple Rug
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Purple Patterned Rug, Purple Velvet Chair, Golden Legs, White Marble Table With Golden Legs, White Wall, Glass Pendant
Dining Room, Brown Floor, Green Velvet Chairs With Golden Suport, White Wall, Chandelier, Wooden Table
Dining Room, Wooden Table, Dark Striped Rug, Pink Purple Stool, Soft Pink Wall, Glass Pendants, Wired Chairs

Dining room in modern look can be really simple but also sweet. The clean lines and simple finish can actually boost the colors on it. And not only sweet, it can also be fierce or calm. It can be bright and warm too. However you want it, you can depend on the color you want to put. And here below are ten stunning modern dining room painted in different colors.

Modern Grey
This dining set puts neutral look overall. The clean and minimalist lines are beautifully combined. The curve on the grey chair makes the rigid minimalist look becomes more relaxed. And making it fun are the interesting pendants above.

Modern Dark
This beautiful arrangement looks like the best place to spend your Saturday night with your date. The elegant and classic atmosphere would make your night beautiful. The dark modern chairs give its own elegance that matches crystal chandelier perfectly well.

Green Velvet
In this spacious dining room with large glass window, the green velvet chairs puts the modern look to get some elegance, helped also by the chandelier.

Green Modern
This dining set has a really pretty details. The soft and smooth green modern chairs look so pronounced among the warm wooden material around. The modern pendant strengthens the modern look.

Modern Combined
Dining room in this one looks so interesting with different chairs combined in one table not only colors but also in design.And to make everything looks more interesting, the wall has two colors and the floor has two patterns. Although it seems like it has too many accents, with its simple and thin lines, this dining room does not look too cramped.

Soft Combination
A blushed look is seen in this dining room with soft pink wall and soft pink and blue stools. This soft look is balanced with black tables and striped rug on the floor.

Sweet Dining
Similar to the previous one, this dining room also balances the pink shade on the wall with black colors. In this one, the black color is seen stronger as it is on the dining set with table, chairs, and bench.

Fresh Orange
Warm orange has been one of favorite colors these years. It is simply it’s so easy to combine it with neutral colors that has also risen in the recent years. Combined in this dining room, warm orange and neutral look definitely brings modern style on point in this one.

Modern Baby Blue
This stunningly pretty modern dining room presents soft blue that is prettily combined with soft pink seen on the accent wall and the well-designed pendant above. The white table and floor brings this soft look to be even softer, along with the wooden legs.

Modern Purple
Purple can give you maturity, elegance, and dark dimension in the room. Seen in this one, the purple chairs are completed with golden legs which matches the golden legs on the table. This elegant vibe is also supported by glass pendants above.

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