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romantic wooden terrace with couples of rattan comfort chair and sofas under big umbrella and marmer wet bar and high bamboo stool Dennis Mayer

Outdoor Brown Wooden Wet Bar With Glasses And Pot Of Flowers And Sets Of High Brown Wooden Windsor Chair With Pillow
Outdoor Brown Wet Bar Beside The Sea With TV And Sets Of Rattan Chair And Glasses To Drink Bottle Of Wine
Traditional Wooden Outdoor Wet Bar Bricks Walled With Black Countertop And Brown Rattan High Stools With Resting
Ethnic Outdoor Wet Bar With Wooden Table And Stools And Walls With Pictures
Romantic Wooden Terrace With Couples Of Rattan Comfort Chair And Sofas Under Big Umbrella And Marmer Wet Bar And High Bamboo Stool
Traditional Stoney With Sink And Utdoor Wet Bar With Black High Rattan Chair
Rustic Wooden Framed Bar With Red Window And Marmer For Serving Table And Black Leather Stools Under Big TV Screen
Contemporary Modern Black Outdoor Wet Bar With Barbeque Tools Beside A Pool
Rustic Wooden Outdoor Wet Bar With Stools Made Of Silver Barrel With Red Pillows And Red Painting And TV
Glass Outdoor Wet Bar With Attractive Lamps Inside And White Unique Short Stools

No matter who you are – whether you are a person who loves solitude and want all the room for yourself or you are a person who loves to spend your time with your friends, you will love to have spacious home. With that kind of home, there are many things that can be done. And one of the most exciting thing to do is building your home with outside wet bar in the backyard. Here are some ideas that you can see if you think you are ready for the fun.

1. Outdoor Wet Bar Beside the Pool

outdoor brown wooden wet bar with glasses and pot of flowers and sets of high brown wooden windsor chair with pillow

Jackie Glass Inc.

This one is simply beautiful with its woody feeling at the very first sight. Its white marble colour makes it softer yet still pretty. With 4 high chairs to the bar, it enables people who like to chat by the bar.

2. Outdoor Wet Bar Beside the Sea

With this round bar, you can have more people whom you can talk to beside the bar. You just need to put more rattan chair which is, by the way, a perfect choice to enlighten the beach kind of feeling.

3. Outdoor Wet Bar in Sky Dining Area

With this sturdier material, you will likely have the longevity better. You will also find that marble makes it more expensive. You can put high chair made from bamboo or rattan that will make it less intimidating but gives it a slight more natural touch.

4. Simple Outdoor Wet Bar in Backyard

This is even simpler because it is in the building and all you have to do is adding marble counter top and you can close it with glass red framed window. It’s simple yet it serves the function.

5. Ethnic Simple Outdoor Wet Bar

If you only have small space to build outdoor wet bar, this one is convenient. This wooden bar has a square table which is short with a look like coffee table and has straw as the roof. You can put photos of your favourite musicians or actors to decorate.

6. Attractive Glass Outside Wet Bar


This one looks stunning because of the attractive lamps under the white and almost see-through both bar and countertop. It makes the bar looks fresh.

7. Outdoor Wet Bar Made of Stones

You can use your back terrace for bar too. Like this, you can built marble countertop and with sink too. Put some black high chairs around the bar and you have it!

8. Unique Rustic Outdoor Wet Bar

If you love rustic theme, this is perfect for you with its raw wood for walls and the bar you only need to put some chairs from silver barrel. It’s artistic.

9. Cozy Traditional Outdoor Wet Bar

With TV screen in your bar, all games will feel merrier. You can invite some friends to sit around the bar on your bamboo-rattan high chair and have cold drinks without caring if it’s hot because your marble countertop work the best.

10. Live Luxurious with Modern Outdoor Wet Bar

The last, your summer will be joyful when you can enjoy the water in front of you as well as in your hand. With simple black countertop with slides perfectly, you have elegance. And adding few silver chair, you have modern simplicity.

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