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Just because you have compact spaces in your house, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have maximum aesthetic touch on it. Modular furniture helps us to make the interior design to be visually pleasing. Yet the furniture also fulfills its practical aim as well. This article will give you ten modular furniture ideas in maximizing the beauty of compact spaces in your house.

Big Sectional Sofas in Compact Living Room

Contrary to popular believes, sectional sofas make your living room to be inviting. Here, the sectional sofa looks comfortable enough in the small living room. Adding ottoman with the same color on the sofa as a coffee table is a good option.

Playing with the Living Room Scale

Measuring your living room is important to choose the right scale of the furniture. Having the largest piece of furniture and allowing ample room to walk around them is a good plan to make your living room to have good traffic.

Bold Colored Sectional Sofa in White Themed Living Room

The living room has purple suede sectional sofa in white themed living room. The sofa becomes the focal point because it is the only furniture that have bold color. You can replace the purple suede for your favorite bold color if you want.

Poufs and Acrylic Chairs in Small Room

Poufs are good option for small living room as modular furniture, whether you have Moroccan-style leather, sea grass or rustic burlap. Acrylic chairs can go well with the poufs because its transparent color don’t make the room looks crowded.

Exposed Legs for Table and Chairs

Exposed Legs give the idea of floating above the floors. Thus it will be great if you use exposed legs in the table or the chairs as in the picture below.

Separating Area between Functional Zones

Being creative and separating functional zones will make your small room to be bigger. It is because you allow more space in traffic zones and people will not feel to wander in small space as well.

Vertical Pinstripe Ideas for Bigger Living Room Look

Making your small room to look taller helps much. Thus avoid using horizontal stripped furniture and go bold by using vertical pinstripe. It gives the virtual feeling of tall space in your living room.

Placing the Furniture Perpendicular to the Length of the Room

Carefully placing your furniture by intuitively see your small room. The owner of this living room places the furniture perpendicular to the length of the room and it makes the sofa looks skinnier

Turning Awkward Corner with a Modular Sofa L-Shaped

If you have awkward sofa perhaps you may place modular sofa L-shaped on it. the sofa can be customized so it can fit the corner well. then you can have other space to fill or let them empty for traffic.

Small Scale Chair for Small Room

Small scale chair is easy to move and its petite appearance will not make the small living room to look crowded. Thus, you may put it in your small living room as well.



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