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Timeless kitchen with dining table in white cabinet and countertop white chairs white cabinet floating cabinet white tile backsplash bronze pendant lights Allard Ward Architects

Transitional Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances Glass Pendant Lights Mounted Pendant Lights White Cabinets White Island White Granite Countertop Light Tone Wooden Floors Wooden Chairs
Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen With A Drop In Sink, Glass Doors Cabinets, Open Cabinets, White Cabinets, White Backsplash, Marble Countertops And Stone Slab Backsplash
Pendant Ligts With Cans White Kitchen Island Granite Countertop White Kitchen Cabinets Medium Toned Wooden Floors White Framed Glass Door Silver Appliances
Multi Colored Tile Backsplash Steel Appliances White Kitchen Cabinet Floating Cabinets Granite Countertop Pendant Light Glass Window
Elegant Kitchen Photo Recessed Panel Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances, White Cabinets, Wood Countertops, Beige Backsplash, Subway Tile Backsplash And An Undermount Sink
Elegant Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliances Pendant Lights White Cabinet Floating Cabinets White Kitchen Island Wooden Countertop Light Toned Wooden Floors
Farmhouse Eat In Kitchen With A Drop In Sink, Open Cabinets, Glass Doors Cabinets, White Cabinets, White Backsplash, Marble Countertops And Stone Slab Backsplash
Beach Style L Shaped Enclosed Kitchen With Subway Tile Backsplash, Stainless Steel Appliances, Shaker Cabinets, White Cabinets, Granite Countertops And White Backsplash
Rustic Kitchen With A Farmhouse Sink, Beaded Inset Cabinets And Beige Cabinets With Black Granite Countertop Wooden Dining Table White Framed Glass Window
Timeless Kitchen With Dining Table In White Cabinet And Countertop White Chairs White Cabinet Floating Cabinet White Tile Backsplash Bronze Pendant Lights

Kitchen sink area is as important as dining table area because we need suffice light in cleaning the dirty plates in kitchen sink. However, we don’t need to have as big as dining area’s lamps. We can have smaller pendant lights for kitchen sink and here are some thoughts for light over kitchen sink.

Glass Pendant Lights for Kitchen Sink

Glass pendant light is an acceptable option for kitchen sink. The similar shape of the glass pendant lights in the dining area and sink area gives the idea of unity in the dining room. Moreover, these kinds of lights gives more than enough lighting for us.

Glass Pendant Lights for Sink and Drum Pendant Lights for Dining Table

Using big lighting in the dining area and small but many lights in the sink area gives the dining area as the focal point while you still get enough lighting as well in the sink. That is why the kitchen below has one big drum pendant over the dining table and small pendant lights in the sink area.

Small Pendant Lights Idea for Rustic Kitchen

Small pendant lights also go well in the rustic kitchen. You can use rustic metal as the lamp cover and voilà, your lighting will make your country kitchen to be realistic.

Copper Pendant Lights over Kitchen Sink in White Traditional Kitchen

This kitchen has white tones in the surround are. However, you may notice that the pendant light over the dining table has unpainted copper in the inside part. Thus, the owner uses copper pendant lights in the kitchen sink to give a dash of color that match the main lighting.

Small but Bright Pendant Lights

Contrary to popular believes, this kitchen uses small pendant lights in the dining area and it also uses the same lighting over kitchen sink. However the owner uses bright lamp to ensure that the dining area is well illuminated. The sleek steel appliances also help the lighting to lit better.

Mounted Lights over the Sink Plan

Mounted pendants lights are a nice option to be used in kitchen sinks area. its simple appearance will not overpower the main lighting too. Use bright lighting to guarantee a decent shine in the sink area.

Two Size Lighting with Cans for kitchen

Two size lighting eliminates the monotone vibe coming from the lighting because the shape of the lighting in the dining and sink area is different. Moreover, the lighting with cans help us to get better beam.

One Small Pendant Lights for Compact Kitchen Sink

Don’t burden yourself to install many lighting if you have small kitchen. This kitchen sink only uses one pendant lights without can but it has windows to add natural light comes to the kitchen.

Low Hanging Glass pendant Lights with Retro Looks

Low hanging lights help us to get better lighting and make the dining room to be cozier. You can choose whether to have shaded of seeded or frosted glass or brushed nickel for retro look.

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