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wooden grid partition in the bathroom, marbled floor tiles, dark grey marble sink, large mirror, white bulb pendants Contemporist

Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Exposed Accent Wall, Sconces
Wooden Grid Wall, Wooden Floor, Long Black Wooden Table, Black Wooden Stools, Large Glass Window
Wooden Grid Partition In The Bathroom, Marbled Floor Tiles, Dark Grey Marble Sink, Large Mirror, White Bulb Pendants
Wooden Grid Partition On Bedroom, Floating Shelves, Sconces, Lamp Table
Wooden Grid In The Kitchen, White Modern Dining Set, Grey Floor, White Pendant
Grey Floor, Wooden Door, Grey Ceiling, Wooden Framed Window
Wooden Grid Shower Partition, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, White Vanity, White Round Sink, Mirror
Wooden Fence Room Partition, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Study Set, Floating Shelves, Wooden Floating Cabinet, Bed
Wooden Grid Partition On The Stairs, Wooden Stairs, Grey Stone Floor Tiles
Wooden Bed Platform, Bed On The Floor Nook, White Wall

Wooden accessories are hard to resist. The natural material brings in the natural look and texture to the room and tend to make a room look warm. And if your room is already warm looking, the wooden accessories would put stronger emphasize. These below are some inspirations to add wooden accessories to the room and make it work as something else too.

Light Partition
This one here shows a really pretty wooden partition. With tall wooden fence like this, the room is see through and this gives a light feeling to it without forgetting the sense of parting the room. The wooden study set matches the fence perfectly well as well as the floating cabinet at the back.

Wooden Grid Partition
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts wooden grids as partition. However, not only to part rooms, this one also works to stairs protection and partition. This way, the view on the stairs look dramatically beautiful.

Bedroom Partition
This one also shows a pretty use of wooden grid. It is used in a bedroom that separate the bed area and the rest, probably the living area. This light partition is perfect for a house with small space.

In the Kitchen
This one here shows a pretty wooden grid in the kitchen that mark the separation stronger but in light manner. The neutral floor, modern dining set and kitchen sets a warm yet modern look.

Wooden Platform
This one here shows a special bed platform made from wood. The entire surface is smooth and minimalist. The wooden bed platform is genius and simple that it lets the small space looks large and comfortable at once.

Grand Platform
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has wooden platform with nook at the bottom where the bed is filled in. The natural forces matches perfectly with the exposed accent wall. The pattern and the texture here are beautiful.

Wood on the Entrance
The wooden grid style can also be added in the entrance. This one here adds the grid on the door and put a pop pink as the accent wall and make everything looks contrast by combining the natural effect, the neutral grey color, and the shocking pink wall.

Wooden Lines on the Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts lines in wooden surface and creates an interesting pattern with natural accent. These simple lines are modern and mesmerizing at the same time.

Part on Bathroom
The warm and beautiful wooden grid partition is really endearing that not only bedroom needs it. This natural and simple looking bathroom is even more perfect with the wooden grid partition on the shower. This bathroom lets natural light from the glass ceiling to come in, the neutral and natural looking stone on the wall and floor, white marble on the vanity, and wooden accent on the partition.

Elegant Bathroom
In this elegant bathroom, the wooden grid partition adds a dramatic effect that allows the bathroom to look even more expensive. The dramatic look is even stronger with lights on.

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