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patio with pavers flooring, round stone blocks fire pit in the middle, wooden chairs around Alderwood Landscape Architecture Construction

Patio With Bronze Bowl Fire Pit, Black Chairs, Grey Sofa, Stone Table
Patio Near The Forest With White Colored Stones Around The Aera, Wooden Chairs. And White Colored Stone Block For Fire Pit
Patio With Fire Pit Built With Boulders And Black Sand, With Bench With Grey Cushion On The Side, Chairs With Grey Cushion, Half Round Built In Seating Area, Umbrella
Patio With Sandstone Pavers And Fire Pit, Wooden Chair With White Cushion
Patio With Pavers Flooring, Round Stone Blocks Fire Pit In The Middle, Wooden Chairs Around
Patio With Pool, Fire Pit On One Side On Wooden Deck, Black Chairs,
Patio With Fire Pit On Black Cylinder Iron With Grill Put In Round Stones, Chairs Around, Stone Flooring
Patio With Firepits In The Middel Of Round Pavers Area With Built In Seating Area, Chairs, And Coffee Table
Patio With Round Hedges And Fire Pit In Th Middle Surrounded With Grey Chairs And Bench
Patio With Flat Stones Under The Chairs And Bench That Positioned Around A Round Stone Block For Fire Pit

Having patio can increase the time when you want to be home. You have your rest place, and you have your entertainment area also. And the best thing about patio is that you will not feel suffocated. The fresh air and the outdoor view will enlighten your mood. Add a fire pit, your patio will be completed. With fire pit, you can gather with your friend and families around the fire pit and have a great time together. Below are some ideas you might find great for patio with fire pits.

Round Area

This one is a great idea where not only chairs are gathered around but the owner also builds built-in seating area in half round shape. And the fire pit is placed in the middle so that anyone can feel the warmth.

Around the Boulders

This patio is another great idea that you can apply to your patio too. The highlights are obviously the half round built-in seating area, the chairs and the fire pit that is placed within a circle of boulders with black sand in the middle.

Round Stones

This patio looks so amazing positioned near a lake. The stone flooring and the stone blocks on the fire pit is agreeable on the nature touch.

patio with fire pit on black cylinder iron with grill put in round stones, chairs around, stone flooring

Sun Valley Omaha

Around the Hedges

With plants and flowers around, you will get one of the best patios. The hedges that surround the patio area are really beautiful.

To be Simple

This one is a really simple patio with fire pit in the middle. It only needs a corner of your yard and a round stone blocks for the fire pit. Last thing, you just need to gather the chairs around it.

Beside the Pool

Relaxing near the pool can be really fresh and fun. And one best thing you can add is a fire pit near your pool so that you will be more comfortable at night, having your time with your friends.

Mountain View

Although the view might be the best thing the patio can have, the patio itself is also a beauty. The gleam from the pavers and the fire pit enunciates a romantic feeling.

White Sandstone

This one is for you who love to have white or light neutral color for your home. With sandstone, the natural accent is really crisp and the chairs in simple design and color are a complementary.

Near the Forest

If you own a villa of a rest home near a forest, you can use the forest’s scenery as your own and build a natural looking patio of your own that will match the forest well, just like the picture below.

Bronze Bowl

If you love to get something more modern, this one might meet your taste with its big bowl fire pit that looks sleek and modern. The stone table is also a great catch that match the bowl perfectly.

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