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study, floating table in the corner, large glass window, floating shelves, wooden chairs Dwell

Study, Grey Rug, Cream Wall, Grey Shelves, Grey Sofa, Grey Chair, Wooden Counter Table
Study, Floating Table In The Corner, Large Glass Window, Floating Shelves, Wooden Chairs
Dark Study, Grey Floor, Grey Cabinet, Black Wall, White Ceiling, Black Modern Chandelier
Study, Wooden Built In Shelves And Table, Blue Cabinet Door, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Study, White Floating Table, White Floating Shelves, Wooden Stairs, White Small Cabinet, White Midcentury Modern Chair
Wooden Built In Study Table, Wooden Shelves, In Front Of Large Glass Window
Study, Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet, Black Table, Black Chair, Black Table Lamp, Black Round Rug, Black Velvet Chair
Study, Wooden Floating Table, Black Stool, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Polka Dot Ceiling, Tall Glass Window
Study, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Cabinet, Black Accent Wall, Wooden Shelves, Floating Shelves
Study, Floating Table, Floating Shelves, Wooden Floor, Black Chairs, White Wall

The design of study rooms can affect how effective people can study and work in there. That is why a study room should feel comfortable so you can get focused and it should also offer you the comfort to sit in a long time. Between the seat and the ambiance, everything should be arranged comfortably so that all the work will be done satisfactory. These below are ten modern study room that you will love to have in enhancing the ability to focus and work for a long time.

Minimalist in Front of the Window
Creating minimalist setting would be perfect for a study when you love to make it light and as practical as it can be. A clean and tidy work space is important. And this one here offers the perfect setting with wooden built-in table and shelves to support.

Compact Study
Having this compact shelves allows you to also have built-in table at the end of the setting. The design is practical and it is perfect for a small space. With soft blue door, the contrast is nice and sweet.

Floating White
For those who love light and fresh look, floating setting can be the option. The nice and modern setting can be seen in this one below with white floating table and shelves above it. It is supported by white mid-century modern chair and white bottom cabinet. Spicing things up, the floating shelves is completed with wooden racks.

Black Accent
To help you concentrate, something deep and dark like black can be one of the solutions. Adding black accent wall can make the room also look stronger and bolder. This one here takes it further by putting floating shelves on the accent wall. And this setting complement the dark wooden ambiance in the study area.

Dark Focus
This one here puts the light into something so subtle that the only thing you would see is the work in front of you and the window. This will help you concentrate, thus help you finish the work faster and better. The minimalist touch is seen on the grey cabinet and shelves, as well as on the black chandelier.

Midcentury Study
Modern setting is really closed to midcentury that people like to use both or conversely. This one here puts the minimalist touches in the clean sofa and chair and brings in more dynamic midcentury look in the shelves.

Black Smooth Study
In this black study, the setting is really clean and smooth seen in the cabinet and shelves as well as the table that all designed in one furniture. Complemented with black chairs and rug, this setting brings a bold ambiance.

Indented Study
If you only have small space, using the wall as your study area can be a great idea too. Facing the wall, your concentration will be built well. With shelves like this, the ambiance is perfect for working or studying.

Simple Corner
In this pretty corner with corner tall glass window, a simple floating table is installed to create a fresh and simple study corner. It is completed with nice wooden floating shelves above too.

Fresh Corner
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts an interesting corner into a refreshing study. With floating table and large glass window, the study corner is perfect for those who loves nature and get bored easily.

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