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Minimalist Interior Design Storage Traditional Garage Rack Wall Cabinets Tools
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Farmhouse Family Room Seating Carpet Wood Floor Doors Stairs Railing Hanging Lamp
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Sofa Pillows Window Fireplace Wood Wall Shelves Scandinavian Family Room
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Car Contemporary Garage Ceiling Rack Wall Rack
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Wood Floor Contemporary Dining Room Chairs Table Wall Storage
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Master Bedroom Cabinets Shelves Flowers Transitional Room
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Wood Floor Traditional Basement Windows Shelves
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Wood Floor Tall Pantry Contemporary Kitchen
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Nursery Toys Wall Storage Red Purple Small House Toy
Minimalist Interior Design Storage Contemporary Home Office Big Mirror Shelves Table Books Transparent Chair

Making a creative use of a minimalist room is one of the best things you can do to turn such room into an amazing room. One of the best things you can do to make a creative use of such room is by creatively use your available storage space. Here are a number of storage spaces you can get inspirations from if you’re planning of creatively use the available space in your minimalist room.

Wall Storage in a Nursery Room

You can actually use the available space in your minimalist nursery room to install some wall storage items like the ones in the nursery room with toys below.

Smart Wall Storage in a Scandinavian Family Room

This room, which has a sofa with pillows, a fireplace, and more, can give you inspirations if you have a minimalist Scandinavian family room and you want to add storage items to the room.

Excellent Wall Storage in a Contemporary Dining Room

This room is a contemporary dining room and it has an excellent wall storage set installed on one of its walls.

Lots of Shelves and Lots of Cabinets in a Kids’ Room

This kids’ room has lots of cabinets and shelves and despite being minimalist in design, it offers a lot of storage space to the kids using the room.

Simple Storage Items Supporting the Stairs

These simple storage items are in a farmhouse family room and it’s as if the storage items are supporting the stairs above them.

Minimalist Storage in a Traditional Basement

This simple but very nice storage item arrangement in a traditional basement with pillars and big windows is surely something to be inspired by.

Minimalist Storage in a Traditional Garage

These storage items are in a traditional garage and they are used to store various things from tools to balls to a bike and more.

Simple Storage Under a Staircase

These storage items are under a staircase, which is in an interior with a carpet, a dark-colored floor, a chair, and a number of other things.

Simple Storage in a Bathroom with a Bathtub

These simple but very useful storage items in a bathroom with a bathtub are undeniably very helpful and they’re definitely storage items to get inspirations from.

A Minimalist but Elegant Storage Design in a Master Bedroom

Despite being minimalist, the storage space arrangement in this master bedroom, which has a wall TV, shelves, cabinets and more, is definitely a source of ideas.

Minimalist Storage with Labels in a Shed

This storage item is in a shed and it has some labels on it that can make it easier for its owner when it comes to using it to store items.

Simple but Smart Storage in a Kitchen

This simple but smart storage item in a kitchen can help its owner save space while still able to store varied items that belong to the kitchen.

A Smart Modern Cabinet in a Modern Kitchen

This smart modern cabinet is in a modern kitchen and it has a part that can be pulled out, effectively providing storage space and saving space at the same time.

Minimalist and Unique Floor Storage in a Kids’ Room

This floor storage area is something nice to have in a kids’ room since it’s useful and it’s probably very interesting in kids’ eyes.

It’s a Great Idea to Make a Good Use of a Big Mirror

When it comes to using save-spacing storage items in a minimalist room, it’s a nice idea to use a big mirror since the mirror can make the room look bigger.

Another Room with Storage Under the Stairs

These storage items are under the stairs in a room with an interesting lamp, a chair, and a number of other things.

A Simple but Very Useful Tall Pantry

This tall pantry is in a room in which you can also find a wall cabinet and varied other things and the pantry itself is undeniably very useful.

A Simple Ceiling Rack in a Garage

Wall cabinets, wall racks and a ceiling rack are things that can help you save space while still being able to store various items effectively in a minimalist garage.

Minimalist Shelves around a TV in a Traditional Bedroom

These minimalist shelves, which is in a bedroom with a bench, big windows, and a TV, are around the Tv and they can be used to store various different things.

Simple Shelves with Ample Storage Space in a Small Bathroom

The shelves in this small and minimalist bathroom are without doubt simple but they can provide the homeowner with ample storage space.

Storage behind a Comfortable Bed in a Contemporary Bedroom

One of the storage items in this contemporary bedroom with a chandelier is behind the bed and they can be used to store books and other things.

Simple yet Cute and Very Useful Wall Storage

The wall storage items in this room are undeniably small and simple but they’re cute and are very useful. They can be used to store books, artistic items, musical instruments or even musical equipment.

Simple Kitchen Wall Storage That Offers A Lot of Storage Space

The simple kitchen wall storage item in this kitchen is surely more than capable to provide a lot of storage space for its owner.

A Simple Bench with Storage in a Modern Dining Room

This modern dining room has a simple bench that can provide it’s occupants with seating and storage space at the same time.

Another Storage Bench but with a Cushioning Feature

This is another bench with storage but this one has a cushioning feature. The room the bench is in has an interesting wall lamp, big windows, cabinets, and more.

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