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Kitchen, Woden Floor, White Wall, White Sloping Ceiling, Glass Window On The Ceiling, Dark Blue Island With Wooden Top, Wooden Island
Kitchen, Black Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top, Grey Wall, Grey Ceiling, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Cover
Dark Reclaimed Woods On Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, Grey Wall, Wooden Island With Shelves, Grey Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Open Wooden Bottom Shelves With Wire Basket, White Sink, White Pendant, Open Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Wooden Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Small Table, White Wooden Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Glass Cabinet, Wooden Island With Shelves Below, Chandelier
Kitchen, White Wall, Grey Kitchen Top, Wooden Slab Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Island With Whtie Top, White Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, White Wall, White Ceiling, Clear Glass Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Top, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Sink, Grey Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves

Using reclaimed woods can be a great way to reuse what you have or to get the old and used looking from the woods. For those who love to eco-friendly, using reclaimed woods is probably one of the things they prefer to do rather than buying a whole new set of wooden appliances. These below are ten stunning finish of reclaimed woods used in the kitchen.

Floating Shelves
One of the simplest and easiest way to use reclaimed woods is using it in the floating shelves in the kitchen. It can be used in the floating board shelves or the box shelves to give more security in storing small things.

Open Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses reclaimed wood on the floating open shelves, not only on the board but also on the cover or accent. This goes in line with the grey wall with “unfinished” finish.

On the Bottom and Upper Shelves
Similarly, this one here uses reclaimed wood on the open floating shelves. But not only that, it also uses it for the shelves on the bottom. This open shelves look so inviting and friendly. You can easily spot anything you need with this arrangement.

Wood Slab Shelves
While reclaimed woods can be used in smooth surface, using wood slab look like this one makes things more interesting. The texture and shape of this wood slab will make you r kitchen looks more natural. If you love rustic touch, you will love this slab.

Wooden Tall Table
The center of this kitchen is the dark blue island with wooden top and wooden top. And not only that, it is also added by reclaimed wood high table as part of the island. The old looking wood makes the kitchen looks warmer.

Wooden Island
This one here uses reclaimed wood on the island. Seen in the island, the woods are stacked to create the body of the island. With light colored finish, it aligns with the white top and white surrounding of the kitchen.

Tidy Shelves
This one here also uses reclaimed woods on the floating shelves with smooth and clean lines. The dark color on the shelves makes it more pronounced on the light wall.

Small Table
In this one, reclaimed wood is used to create a small and pretty table where you can put accessories on. This kitchen uses it to put a pot of flowers that obviously creates a fresher ambiance.

Traditional Island
This kitchen island looks so traditional with the reclaimed woods for the shelves. It goes along with the grey top.

Reclaimed Island
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses reclaimed wood on the island. And it is used for the body and the top of the island too that the island has an overall reclaimed wood surface. With matching floor, this kitchen have the warmest look of all.

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