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small timeless open concept living room with a wall mounted TV, gray walls and dark hardwood floors green sofa floating kitchen table sets Houzz

Wall mounted TV becomes an essential things in living room as you can enjoy the TV show while having intimate conversation with other relatives. To add the aesthetic point in the living room, it will be better to add table under wall mounted TV. Besides the table can be practically useful too.

Rustic Table under Wall Mounted TV

Wooden table in natural color gives distinctive look in your living room. Here, the rustic table blends perfectly because the living room uses soft palette color ideas in cream and brown. Such a perfect ideas for inviting look.

Altar Table under wall Mounted TV

The area below wall mounted TV should be used to place something minimalist yet can gives the nuance of contemporary homes with a slim, streamlined media stand. Thus, an altar table will make a great choice.

Floating Table under Wall Mounted TV for Modern House

Floating table is a must furniture in modern house. This kind of table can also be used under wall mounted TV too. You can match the color of the table with other furniture, such as the sofa or the rug, and your living room ideas surely will be extra cozy.

Floating Kitchen Table Set under Wall Mounted TV

If you live in a compact apartment, you can be very creative to use the empty area. Here, the owner uses the area below the mounted TV to install floating kitchen table set. What is better than watching TV while eating?

Contemporary Room with White Floating Table under Wall Mounted TV

Floating Table helps us to create more space on the floor. Thus it is an essential furniture in compact room. This black and white contemporary room doesn’t look crowded at all because the owner uses the floating table and small legged wooden table.

Tables on the Play Room

Playroom is a good area to spend time with family or friends in playful way. You can play games like billiard, card games, or simply watching movies together. Don’t forget to use cozy furniture to beautify your playroom as well.

Table with Cabinet Storage under Wall Mounted TV

Having cabinetry is essential to store your belonging when they are not in use. Here, the mounted TV has the table with cabinet storage to store some CD’s or magazines to keep them near the TV.

Door Less Cabinetry under Wall Mounted TV

Door less cabinetry can be used when you want to show off your belonging. It can also be used to store things but you have to put them accordingly as your guests can clearly see the piles of magazines you keep under the TV.

Wooden Table under Wall Mounted TV

This living room has ordinary table under wall mounted TV. The extraordinary thing that comes from this living room is that the owner paint the wall behind the TV in black so when you are not watching TV you will not see some hideous dark spot on your wall.

White Table under TV for White Traditional House

White color is one of the best color used in American house as it makes your home to look clean and bright. You may use white painted table too to match your white clean look in your living room.

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