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open living room, wooden floor, white wall, brown leather sofa, wooden table, brown chairs, plants, black pendants, low coffee table Pinterest

Open Living Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Blue Sofa, Wooden Round Coffee Table, White Subway Tiles, Rgeeen Cabinet
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Velvet Sofa, Wooden Chairs With Cushion, Wooden Cabinet, Pendant, Glass Widow, Glass Door
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Island, Wooden Stools, Black Pendants, White Rug, Brown Leather Sofa, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs With White Cushion
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, Tall Glass Windows And Wall, White Wall, White Sofa, White Chairs, White Ottoman, Square Coffee Table
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Island With White Top, Balck Cabinet, Black Subway Wall Tiles, Brown Sofa, Brown Chairs, White Coffee Table
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Mint Green Bottom Cabinet, Floating Shelves, Wooden Table
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Subway Tiles, Black Pendant, Dakr Green Island With White Top, White Sofa, Brown Leather Cushion On Wooden Chairs, White Cupboard
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Wall, White Sofa, Black Coffee Table, Wooden Chairs With White Cushion, Black Ceiling Fan
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Brown Leather Sofa, Wooden Table, Brown Chairs, Plants, Black Pendants, Low Coffee Table
Open Living Room, Grey Patterned Rug, Grey Sofas, White Marble Wall, White Wooden Plank On Ceiling, Black Wooden Island, Brown Stools, White Cabinet

Having an open room can make your space looks larger and brighter. It can also help the room to feel fresh and airy with great air circulation. Having an open room in the living room especially will make socializing feels comfortable and light. These below are beautiful and comfortable open living room inspirations that you will love.

Open and Bright
If you want to have an open room, you would love to have a bright one like this. This makes the room looks amazingly fun and cheerful. With velvet sofa and wooden chairs, the room is also warm with comfortable note.

Open Modern
In this open living room, the living room is opened to a neat kitchen and dining area with simple and minimalist touches. The open area is also basked in bright light from glass wall. The neutral color that is combined with soft blue makes the room looks amazing.

Warm Chic
The crisp white color brings a neutral and chic canvas to the room. Balanced with deep and dark black, the room look contrast and modern while the brown sofa and bar stools give warmth to the room along with wooden floor.

Rustic Modern
Creating a modern room can be gained by using white and neutral colors like brown or black. Using natural touches to create modern look also brings in rustic ambiance to the room, especially when it looks dark and deep like this one here.

Warm and Comfortable
This one here puts a comfortable look in open space with fluffy sofa and warm dining table on the back. The modern open kitchen invites those in living room to enjoy the space comfortable and openly.

Leather Sofa
This one here strengthens the warmth of open space with a fluffy brown leather sofa that looks so comfortable you can take a nap or have some cozy conversations here. The open kitchen at the back makes sure the good times on the living room can extend to the kitchen as well.

Modern and Chic
In this open room, the kitchen presents a beautiful modern look that looks crisp and modern with white and dark green contrast while the living room puts a matching white sofa and complete it with warm touches in chairs and rug.

Large and Airy
Using a neutral colors like grey and white obviously helps the room to look amazingly airy. Adding some details with wooden plank pattern on the ceiling and island makes the room warmer and more interesting as well.

Open Breeze
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one also presents a really beautiful open room with open setting where you can enjoy the outside view without any need to go out. This can be a perfect sunroom as well.

Japanese Ambiance
A natural ambiance that is usually shown in Japanese room is presented in this beautiful minimalist room. The wooden material is strongly used and the combination with green plants feels so perfect.

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