Creating a Nice and Comfortable Living Room with Shelves

living room, wooden floor, white wall, wooden floating shelves, wooden shelves box on the floor

Many things can be added in the living room to make the space feel comfortable and meet your needs. Whether you love comfortable and warm look or you love modern and classical look, you would want to have seats, table


Smart and Cozy Home Library Interior Ideas

bookshelves on the alley, glass wall, red lounge chair with ottoman, white pendant

For those who love books, the presence of a good looking library or book shelves is important. With attractive book shelves, it is easier to feel cozy and get comfortable around and enjoying your reading. And if you’re looking for


Looking Closely at the Stunning Details on the Bed’s Head

bedroom, patterned tiles, white headboard, wooden layered shelves, wooden square shelves and drawer, open brick wall, white bedding

Minimalist and modern bedroom can be really empty as it roots for the minimalist look. However, with a little detail, there will great change happened to the bedroom, even the simplest detail. Here below are creative addition to the bed’s


Dazzling Glass Stair Railing Ideas To Be Amazed By

glass stair railing artwork black and white flowers painting red painting wood stairs big round grey ottoman marble black and brown floor

Having nice and sturdy stairs is a must for a home that has more than one story. It gives a convenient access and adds special treatment in your home. You can choose your favorite design in making the stairs, but


Brilliant Wooden Wall Shelves To Take A Look At

wooden wall shelves area rug coffee table marble floor ottomans sectional tray ceiling tv white leather wall deco table lamp

Have you ever wonder where you should put your belongings or books collection? You can get a bookcase, cabinet, or some shelves. The built-in cabinet may be the most favorable for people who still want to save the space. You


Efficient Built-In TV Cabinet Ideas to Get Inspiration from

built in tv cabinet area rug crown molding fireplace green painted wall armchairs wood flooring painting side table

Everyone has his own preference when choosing a furniture. It also depends on what kind of style they like and also the space of the room. For a modern and small home, we can choose a modern and minimalist furniture. 


Adorable Small Mudroom Ideas for Your Home

small mudroom ideas wire baskets industrial light pendant iron old country double arm hook beautiful patterned floor tile arch small mudroom wood mounted bench mounted storage

You need a small mudroom if you wonder what to do with your messy belongings such as helmet, jacket, newspaper, coat, shoes, or other things. A mudroom is a multifunction storage space. You can arrange some coat hooks, racks, drawers,


Much Storage to Your Need and Liking in Tiny Bathroom

bathroom with white wall, white toilet, white wooden framed mirror, turquoise cabinet

One the challenges on small space room is on how the storage would be. Because, the smaller the room, the more calculation we have to do on putting stuffs on it. Let alone the storage space, even the toilet and