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sunroom, brown floor tiles, white wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, chandelier, rattan chair, white wooden framed window, white wooden door Gardenista

Sunroom, Striped Rug, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushion, Rattan Chairs
Sunroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Large Window Glass, Rattan Chair, Wooden Table, White Swing
Sunroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, Red Framed Window, Red Door, White Built In Bench, White Pillows
Sunroom, Blue Patterned Floor, White Wall, Wooden Chair With White Green Cushion, Wooden Side Table, Modern Chandelier
Sunroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Rattan Chairs, Rattan Chest Coffee Table, Striped Rug
Sunroom, White Floor, Grey Shiplank Wall, White Framed Windows, Rattan Chairs, White Floating Side Table
Sunroom, White Shiplank Wall, White Built In Wooden Bench, Black Wooden Bench Top, Grey Seamless Floor, Glass Windows
Sunroom, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, Chandelier, Rattan Chair, White Wooden Framed Window, White Wooden Door
Sunroom, Grey Floor, White Textured Wall, White Shelves, Rattan Bench With Shite Cushion, Large Glass Window
Sunroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Rattan Swing Sofa, Rattan Pots, Plant, Sconce

If you have two entrances, front and back, you might think that the back door is not really important. Well, you have no one to impress, because the guests likely would come in from the front door. However, having a nice back door would make your house amazing. Getting inside of the house will make you feel welcomed, especially when it is decorated like a patio where you can create comfort to read or talk to your friends. Here below are some inspirations you would like for it, and it would also be good inspirations for you who have a narrow sunroom too.

Narrow Fresh
This sunroom can give a great inspiration on the narrow space near the backdoor. The glass windows are great that it can not only bring light but also some fresh air. The rattan pendant makes a nice match to the rattan chair and grey contoured wall.

Simple Shiplanks
This narrow space is decorated with simple white shiplanks that give simple touches but make sure that the room has nice details. The seamless floor makes a nice effortless background. The windows makes the room is brightened and looks larger.

Rattan Completion
This neutral sunroom makes a nice and warm space with rattan chairs and coffee table. This is a warm inspiration for the back door where you can enjoy the back view of your house without getting out. You would be able to enjoy the bright light inside.

Thick Rattan
Adding thick touch of rattan can help making a neutral space look thick in warmth and natural touches. This one here shows how beautiful the minimalist setting it has. The window bay is perfectly accompanied with rattan chairs.

Simple Rattan Bench
This is another simple example on how you could decorate your back room. A simple rattan bench and bookshelves would suffice. The large glass window in this space makes sure that the energy will be saved and the summer would be warm.

Swing Swing
A relaxing back space would be perfect with a swing, like this one. The rattan swing in this one looks simple yet rich also, accompanied with the other rattan accessories on the space.

Fresh Sunroom
This one can be a great inspiration for a narrow space. The tall window frame makes the room looks taller and the bright light supports the notion. The warm brown on the wooden chair, table and floor make a nice combination while the white green patterned cushion makes a matching look to the leaves outside.

Lazying Around
The best thing about a sunroom or back room of the house is that it is private and it is not the formal entrance of your house so that you can get relax on it in quieter fashion. With white swing, this one can summon comfort the most.

Strong and Simple
Red can give the strongest ambiance. And it is seen in this one below, with its window frame and door. However, if you look closely, the setting is quite simple with its built-in bench and table inside. The detailed frame on the window and door also help the room to look strong.

Simple Elegance
This simple and narrow space is decorated so prettily with rattan chairs and flowers in the room. The crystal chandelier above makes the room looks even prettier while adds some elegance.

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