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bedroom, patterned tiles, white headboard, wooden layered shelves, wooden square shelves and drawer, open brick wall, white bedding Casa Library

Bedroom, Black Statement Wall, Glass Pendant, Black Upper Cabinet, Square Shelves, White Pendant
Bedroom, Sloping Ceiling, Grey Statement Wall With Indented Part For Shelves, Shelves Hole In The Middle, Wooden Floor, Large Pendant
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Indented Wall With Wooden Layerfor Shelves, Square Wooden Shelves, Rattan Pendant
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Block With Shelves, White Sconce, White Bedding, Grey Rug
Bedroom, Patterned Tiles, White Headboard, Wooden Layered Shelves, Wooden Square Shelves And Drawer, Open Brick Wall, White Bedding
Bedroom, White Wall, Pendants, Floating Shelves, Green Wall On Half Bottom, Wooden Side Shelves, White Bedding
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Blue Wall, White Pendant, White Bed Platform, White Wooden Floating Side Table Shelves
Bedroom, Beige Wall, Beige Block Headboard With Built In Shelves, Drawers, Sconce
Bedroom, Green Wall, White Wall, White Bedding, Built In Indented Wall For Shelves
Bedroom, Dark Blue Wall, Long Floating Wooden Shelves, Wooden Cabinet, White Bedding, Clear Glass Pendant

Minimalist and modern bedroom can be really empty as it roots for the minimalist look. However, with a little detail, there will great change happened to the bedroom, even the simplest detail. Here below are creative addition to the bed’s head that can give you some ideas to put on your bedroom.

Floating Table Shelves
If you love to have a minimalist table that can also act as shelves, this one here offers you the possibility. The minimalist look of the tables/shelves adds details to your bedroom without being too much.

The Wall Privilege
This one here uses the indented wall on the head of the bed to be the shelves. This is an interestingly simple move for the room. Although, it should be planned before hand, of course. Painted the wall in different color, it simply becomes a statement wall.

Dynamic Room
In this interesting bedroom with sloping ceiling, the room is already unique. However, it then also has the built-in shelves on the bed’s head. And not only that, the details are added by square hole on the wall as shelves beside the bed.

Black Wall
This one here puts an interesting dark look with upper cabinet and shelves on the bed head. The side pendant with its dimmed glass is interestingly installed under the upper cabinet. Putting a balanced look for the black statement wall, along with wooden side cabinet.

Minimalist Dark
Similar to the previous one, this one also has dark ambiance on the bed’s head. It radiates strong and bold look although it is combined with neutral floating shelves above the pillow. The simple touch of wooden cabinet and clear glass complete the look well.

Part the Wall
This one here plays the wall with the floating shelves. Not only that it has a simple floating shelves, it also part the wall into two parts with white upper part and green bottom part. Together with the neutral wooden shelves and side cabinet, it create a chic and modern look for the bedroom.

Minimalist Look
Although this bedroom has minimalist look with white wall and neutral wooden details, the indented wall and the dented built-in square shelves on the wall create an interesting texture and dimension for the room.

Wooden Headboard
While the previous one is a great thing to have when you have the right wall, this one here tries to create the same space with wooden block. With rectangle shelves inside, it serves as a great side shelves for the bedroom.

Added Drawer
Similar to the previous one, this one too can be added by installing the headboard to the bedroom. However, this one here adds a little difference by adding drawer to the shelves.

Smooth on Texture
This bedroom also has the dented shelves on the headboard as the side shelves. It also adds drawers right at the bottom of the shelves. This arrangement is a great addition to the open brick wall.

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