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chinese wooden gazebo with dark metal roof, black rattan chairs with white cushion Metal Roof Network

Chinese Wooden Gazebo With Dark Metal Roof, Black Rattan Chairs With White Cushion
Gazebo With Ornate Round Ceiling, Iron Ornate Accesories, Wooden Poles, Bricks Foundation
Big Round Gazebo With Stone Bridge, Sliding Glass Doors, Vaulted Wooden Ceiling, Office Room Inside
Octagon Gazebo With White Wooden Poles And Railes, Brown Roof, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Deck, Built In Seating Along The Rails
Cone Ceiling Gazebo With Wooden Poles, Wooden Brigde
Tropical Wooden Gazebo With Wooden Beam In The Ceiling, Wooden Flooring, Wooden Ornate Wall, Square Cornered Wood Table And Chairs
Small Wooden Gazebo With Wooden Roof, Wooden Railes, Poles And Built In Seating Along The Rails
Traditional Gazebo With Wooden Poles, Vaulted Ceiling
Round Gazebo With Wood Block Poles, Stone Flooring, Chairs, Fire Pit, Shingles Roof
Contemporary Gazebo With Wooden Deck Flooring, Wooden Poles, Wooden Beam Ceiling, Chandelier, White Chairs And Tables Sets

When you have large yard in the back of your home, it is not considered a crime to want it to look beautiful. One can handle it with many plant or flowers or maybe pool, but one can decorate his yard with gazebo kits. There are many options you can choose in gazebo. One of the beautiful ones is the wooden gazebo kits. With wooden gazebo, you will be able to have gazebo with more natural look that will blend beautifully with your garden and will give your garden warm accent. If you are looking for the right gazebo for your yard, here are some ideas.

Chinese Wooden Gazebo

If you love to have some Asian accent in your property, you will love this gazebo so much because it takes Chinese design on the wood wall of the gazebo and the archway. Seeing this, you might have the feeling of enjoying a cup of tea under.

Rustic Feeling

This one is for you who love rustic theme to compliment your yard. The poles are made from rough and raw wood blocks that it looks so natural.

Tropical Wooden Gazebo

This beautiful gazebo with exquisite details on the ornate wall, it looks like you can spend a really fun and enjoyable time while you gather with your friend and family here.

A Globe of Metal Tendrils

This is a really beautiful gazebo with iron tendrils on the ceiling that imitates the shape of branches. And after the branches and leaves, here it come the wood for the poles. It will be a really beautiful spots in parties or wedding. It is totally a great photography spot.

Traditional Gazebo

This gazebo looks simple and have conservative look on it. It will look good with a set of table and chairs to hang around. With this gazebo, even if it’s raining, you will likely safe from the water splash.

Contemporary Wooden Gazebo

This one is really classy it looks perfect for you who love to invite your colleagues to your home and have dinner together. With its classy and beautiful look, it will bring relaxing but still appropriate.

contemporary gazebo with wooden deck flooring, wooden poles, wooden beam ceiling, chandelier, white chairs and tables sets

Laird Jackson Design House

At the End of the Bridge

This one is an adventurous one when you have to walk on the wooden bridge to come to the beautiful gazebo. With its wooden bridge and poles, it will bring you to another world of solitude.

Octagon Gazebo

This one is really pretty with the built in seating along the rails. You don’t have to add chairs or sofa anymore. And the space between your knees and the middle of gazebo is quite roomy.

octagon gazebo with white wooden poles and railes, brown roof, vaulted ceiling, wooden deck, built in seating along the rails


Small Gazebo

If you love to have small gazebo just so you can sit around with some people, this one is really gorgeous too. Its wildness blends perfectly with the surrounding.

Office Room

While you can use your gazebo as your entertainment spots, you can also build your own kingdom there. You can put a place to watch movie or, as this picture suggest, an office room.

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