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Wooden Pergola With Shade Curtain Addition Black Wrought Iron Furniture For Patio Outdoor Area Rug Concrete Tiles Floors
Extra Large Patio With Black Painted Pergola And Dangled Hang Lighting Fixtures Full Length Couches With Accent Pillows Rounded Center Tables In White
Red Cedar Pergola For Patio With Red Furniture Wood Toned Area Rug
Plants Covered Pergola Made Of Hard Wood Wooden Furniture For Patio Concrete Floors
Mid Sized Pergola Built From Cedar Natural Stone Paving Floors Red Bricks Exterior Walls Wooden Slabs Exterior Walls
Square Shaped White Pergola For Backyard Patio Concrete Pavers Floors And Walkway
Asian Fusion Patio Idea With Simple Logs Pergola Supported By Privacy Fence White And Light Metal Chairs Round Shape Wood Table Black Ceramic Tiles Floors Stones Landscaping Idea
Transitional Patio With Cedar Pergola Natural Stone Pavers Fire Feature Grey Painted Wood Furniture Concrete Tiles Floors
Simply White Pergola With Pillars
Wood Pergola Idea With Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Patio Heater A Set Of Rattan Made Furniture With Puff Comforters Concrete Tiles Floors

If you’re looking for an inspiration for your patio & backyard, selecting the modern outdoor designs should be your priority. Owning the exterior furniture and accessories can make this area looks enjoyable and gorgeous. Adding a pergola for your courtyard, garden, or even outdoor pool can also improve the level of aesthetic value.

Pergola is an archway or structure and it’s supported by the frame which is covered in trailing/ climbing vivid plants. It includes the beams and posts without roofs and walls. Recently, a pergola is specifically designed as a relaxation or shaded-walkway area. And here are the best pergola designs for patio; may these designs inspire you.

This pergola is built from Cedar and supported by retractable canopy. And you know, the material is North America’s red cedar. With simple design, this pergola fits any patio designs, including such patio with red and black-toned furniture. Wood-toned area rug is added to create a harmony.

This idea of pergola is well recommended for the home owner who wants to cover the hot tub with something stylish and stunning. The pergola uses fiberglass as the main material and white as the finishing. Add a couple of chairs with a side table to provide a cozy seating area.

A wood pergola with boxwood posts – this is one of most recommended ones for decorating the backyard as the eye-catching feature. This area consists of a patio with pergola and blue stone floors, a couple of loveseats, and large concrete-edged planter with various plants and flowers. Such spot, of course, is the best one where we can escape from hard times due to the works or other daily routines.

If you’re searching for an idea of pergola for your rustic patio, this one is really needed to try. With darker wood-toned as the finishing, this pergola really suits your patio and architecturally fits the rustic house. The rafters and beams are chosen in big ones in order to provide a natural, original, and unique atmosphere. By contrast, this pergola doesn’t expose the hardware and structural bolts (they’re minimized) for achieving cleaner look. And, the connections of structural and their supports are customized to meet the earthquake standard.

Black-Finished pergola for patio and outdoor kitchen – an inspiring idea if you want to remodel or build a covered-patio or outdoor kitchen around your house. Make sure that the constructions suit each other, so they will result a balanced and inviting spot. Like this one; the designer is consciously designed in black finishing and exposes mid-size beams and supports. This color choice clearly fits for the furniture and accessories installed on.

A country house with a patio – the patio is supported with a clean white-finishing pergola which emphasized its simplicity and modernity. Make it a contrast just by featuring it with dark-toned furniture and accent it with fresh and vivid plants and flowers. To keep it a stunning, beautifying this area with large-space green grass growing around the patio.

A mid-century pergola for patio – it’s a great idea if we combine it with something authentic and original like wood furniture. Put a modern exterior pendant lamp and see the result: a perfect combination of nature and fabrication. Choose black for pergola to create a contrasting visual to pale-toned patio.

A patio with red wood pergola in modern design – it offers huge luxury to the outdoor space. The exterior house also architecturally supports the patio’s theme: something stained and shabby with red bricks walls and darker brown ceramic floors.

Pale-toned pergola is always available for any patio designs, including a patio with light-toned wood furniture. Both pergola and furniture will give a harmonious, warm, and comfort to feel and to see visually. Such patio design surely provides a great of intimacy and inviting atmosphere.

How wonderful it is! This pergola is designed in perfectly rustic, exposing shabby but cool rustic appeals. Take a look at the beams, pillars, interconnections, and hard metal supports! All is in raw rustic. Their stoned-pillar bases, moreover, strengthen how those stones work well in creating the deeper and stronger rustic visual effect. Some sets of hard metal furniture also reflect the rustic-style choice for a patio.

A patio featuring pergola, fire pit, and exterior furniture – the pergola is built as big as the patio, so it can cover the whole parts of patio. The structure of pergola is built from wooden without finishing, so it softens the hardscape like stone floors, sitting walls, and outdoor lighting which is made of hard metal.

This is marvelous! A patio with white-finished wood pergola in modern design. The patio itself is designed in mid-sized country style and supported with stone paving floors. With opened-structure, the pergola is defined as the part of outdoor area. This construction always look glowing in the dark as it enlightened by the string-lamps that hang over pergola, giving wonderful and romantic nuance in this outdoor space.

How imagine if our backyard is dominated by green and fresh plants that grow climbing over the pergola. It might like such picture. The wood-made pergola is covered by the climbing plants, makes it something natural and fresh. Such atmosphere gives the ultimate comfort, especially when we’re killing times and gathering with family or someone we love.

This is an idea of backyard patio with wooden pergola. The pergola consists of modern trellis with minimal spacing or column, and here the lattice works well at the top of rafters.

An inspiration for backyard patio supported with patio and pergola. As the beautifier, the designer adds some features like outdoor fireplace and gravel. The pergola is designed in white and built from concrete. Interestingly, it’s supported by larger concrete pillars which are closely identical with Victorian-style construction.

A backyard patio with wood pergola – the pergola is constructed from oversize beams which are arranged as the large gaped-columns, so they seem like the decorative beams for patio.

This is so unique! A pergola with dried-plant roofs and mini bulb string. The construction uses wooden as the material and it’s finished in solid grey. To make it a contrast, the designer features it with modern outdoor furniture with pop colors like red and grey. And, at the center, we’ve found a fire pit table as the accessory as well as a functional item.

A transitional patio with dark-finished wood pergola in modern design – there are some decorative plants which are beautifully arranged and placed in several spots in pergola and its surround. Pale-toned lattice acts like a background of those decorative plants and head dear ornament, adding another attractiveness to the modern furniture, too.

Full Length-pergola in black is uniquely designed for covering large and modern patio. The patio has been facilitated with cozy couch which is accented by multicolored decorative pillows. The patio’s size makes it possible for double functions: outdoor living room and dining room (with minibar).

We love the thickness of color and beams arranged into a simple wood pergola. The color is so natural. It keeps exposing the authentic and original wood tone. Overall, this structure fits for a patio with red bricks-fire feature. Pale-toned wood furniture also exposes how the owner wants to keep this outdoor area simply natural.

White-painted pergola installation – such model of pergola is available for both backyard patio and outdoor pool. The structure offers simplicity, modernity, comfort, and luxury. When it features with right and precise outdoor furniture and its accessories, it must be a pleasant and enjoyable resting spot.

A curved wooden pergola in dark tone – this is one of most unique-designed pergolas which are customized for particular patio designs. The construction exposes thick and dark wood beams and is supported by black-painted wood pillars which are then integrated to red bricks bases. Overall, it’s so unique and rarely used.

T-shape pergola built from cedar – its shape is really unique and it is applicable for small-size patio which is extended to an outdoor kitchen. The pergola is featured with brick pavers-fireplace. The floors, in the other hands, are brick pavers which are customized in rectangular.

Square and white pergola for backyard patio – white here is chosen to give clean and simple look to the whole outdoor area, particularly the patio. The walls behind, additionally, also bring the circumstance cleaner, so it’s gonna be a clean-look background for the outdoor furniture and other outdoor features.

A large pergola from cedar – A complementary feature for a large patio like this. The structure is designed by choosing thick beams, connections, and pillars/ supporters. The material also fits for patio with natural stone fire feature and concrete slabs floors. A set of grey-finished wood furniture, also, looks so contrasting but gentle.

Log pergola idea for a transitional patio – it’s a great idea to use logs as the main structure of pergola. To sustain it, the designer uses solid concrete pillars and rounds it with the natural stone paving edges. At the center of patio, it’s been a fire pit complete with a set of cozy furniture.

This pergola idea is a simple minimalist one and stained in black. It’s obviously constructed from metal and designed in less of details. A set of puffed-chairs and wood table are provided to give a cozy and stylish sitting area. Take a look at the pendant lamp; it’s classic but attractive.

If you love having huge and thick wooden pergola, this idea is well recommended for you. With oversize rafters and beams, the pergola is defined as strong and firm construction for the patio. Each rafter connects each other and creates decorative square-shaped ventilators. L-shaped couch with comforter and fire feature complete this outdoor room, gives the ultimate facility for welcoming the guests or just gathering with the lovely ones.

This traditional patio has been improved with wood pergola. The pergola features long lighting fixtures that provide sufficient lights. If we observe carefully, there are light metal webs installed over the pergola. There is also a patio heater to cover chilling air when we’re outside.

Need a custom pergola for your patio, backyard, outdoor poor, or even your front yard? This one may be one of most recommended options. It works well with other natural elements like natural stones paving floors, red bricks exterior walls, and little bit decorative plants.

A pergola with shade curtain – it’s a good choice if you don’t really like heat attack when the daylihght. The shade is commonly removable, so it can be install or uninstall when needed. It’s important to choose the shade’s color. It prefers a neutral-toned shade curtain that obviously matches for wooden pergola.

It’s an idea of backyard patio with solid grey painted pergola. It looks beautifully balanced when such pergola is collaborated with light-toned outdoor elements like neutral & light stone pavers, natural stone outdoor kitchen, and pool with its mini waterfall feature.

How wonderful it is! Simple wood pergola with white finishing. White is always matching for any color applications, including light and neutral color tones. Light grey couches with accent pillows looks so striking after being paired off with stucco-finished walls and floors.

Small-size seating area with full-covered black pergola – It’s a great idea if you dream of an outdoor minibar with a pergola addition. Build them in modern design to meet the main concept of modern outdoor seating and drinking area. Exterior garden lighting also gives modern appeal to this spot.

A modern rustic patio with wood pergola – this outdoor setting is dominated by natural elements like wood species and natural stones. Both are obviously used for building the exterior facade (patio and pergola) and outdoor furniture (red chairs).

If you’re looking for a modern patio design, just add a simple & modern-designed pergola like this one. Different to other common pergolas, this one uses transparent glass panel as the covers, so it can protect everything underneath from the rainfalls or other small objects that possibly fall down.

Extra-large patio with pergola – It’s apparently interesting and dramatic with several units of hanging lights. Each string of hanging lamps is connected to each single of pergola’s rafter, creating some dangled lights. That must be amazingly dramatic and romantic.

This is an example of backyard patio with outdoor kitchen as the additional feature. This outdoor spot uses custom wood pergola as the decoration as well as the functional shade. Here, we’ve found that pergola and patio’s facade are built from different materials. Patio, as we know, is dominantly constructed by custom or fabricated stones and concrete. The kitchen, also, uses granite for the countertop and veneer stones for the kitchen counter, and stainless steel for the kitchen appliances.

It feels warm and looks so modern. Pergola is painted in white, gives clean and simple appearance. It’s marvelous when featuring other modern patio’s supporting elements like furniture, accessories, and decorations.

This pergola just covers the outdoor kitchen and bar, not the outdoor pool. This concept is interesting and really recommended for you loving the outdoor-themed parties like BBQ party, standing party, etc. Its natural stone pavers and stucco flooring idea surely fit Mediterranean concept.

It feels so natural and warm. Oak-made pergola with blue retractable canopy – this design gives huge comfort and aesthetic level. The construction is also supported with Oak partitions as the walls. L-shape blue couch with decorative pillows also offers high-leveled comfort and modern appeal.

Still about Oak; this is smaller and simpler one since it doesn’t have canopy for covering or shading the furniture underneath. Each rafter, post, and pillar are also bigger than the previous design. The color, by contrast, is so distinctive, so it can be easily recognized among shabby & dark-toned elements under it.

This is called as a multilevel pergola. Like its name, this kind of pergola is built by applying three packages of pergola’s roof in different level. The center or middle one is highest among other two packages. It’s so unique and applicable for any purposes.

It’s dark but modern. Black here becomes the primary color, but the concrete floors beautifully soften that dominant color.

If you’re dreaming on simple patio with pergola and fire feature, this one may be your inspiration. The pergola has been built from unfinished logs and decorated with green and vivid climbing plants. Put a set of furniture and add supporting elements to get the ultimate comfort like the accent pillows. With the outdoor fireplace, the residents can enjoy warming atmosphere during relaxing and spending the night in this patio.

What’s are you thinking about this pergola? That’s right, it’s so simple, minimalist, but stylish. The structure is just made of logs which are simply arranged into such design. Side screens which are made of wood provide huge privacy for the users. It needs to more selective in choosing the furniture due to the limited space provided by this patio. The limited space makes us considering small-sized furniture, too.

This idea is called Asian patio. The landscape consists of black-painted pergola, gravels floors, fire feature, and rattan furniture. This spot is also garnished with decorative bamboos which grow perfectly at the edges of patio. Black-finished privacy screen, in addition, is installed by purpose: providing the privacy for everyone having seat in this patio.

A contemporary pergola with center firepit, concrete pavers walkway, blustone terrace, and rounded couch in black. Such design works well for an outdoor pool area.

Redwood pergola idea in Asian style – It features several supporting outdoor elements like redwood-made pergola seating, veneer stone side table, and a couple of ceiling fans. All these elements are provided to give huge comfort.

Shabby but cool – this pergola is designed in raw rustic which is identical with something shabby and old. Take a look at the whole elements; they look shabby but so beautiful. The patio includes pergola, rock fireplace, natural stone paving floors, and dark-toned wood furniture.

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