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bedroom, brown marble flooring, rattan bed platform, white bedding, grey wall, red chair, marble side table, wire side table, wooden side table Afro Mango & Cie

Living Room, Tribal Pattern Rug, White Sofa, Black Coffee Table, White Ceiling, White Curtain, Black Round Side Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Grey Sofa, Brown Ottoman, Brown Floor Lamp, White Walls, Wall Decors
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Wooden Console Table, Wooden Round Mirror In The Wall With Round Glasses, Wooden Chairs,
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, Rattan Ottoman, White Sofa, Brown Ottoman, Pillows With Tribal Pattern
Dining Room, Rug, White Chairs, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Marroon Wall, Rattan Wall Decorations
Living Room, Black White Stripes Rug, Black Sofa Bed With Tribal Pattern, White Wall, Wall Mirror
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Lounge Sofa With Tribal Patterns, Brown Chairs, Yellow Wall, Plants, Wooden Side Table
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Wooden Low Bench, Tribal Painting, White Wall, Wooden Ceiling With Beams, Mirror, Wooden Round Side Table
Balcony, Wooden Gloor, Colorful Rug, Rattan Woven Coffee Table, Rattan Woven Chairs, Plants With Rattan Pot
Bedroom, Brown Marble Flooring, Rattan Bed Platform, White Bedding, Grey Wall, Red Chair, Marble Side Table, Wire Side Table, Wooden Side Table

African look in interior can be really interesting. Combining natural touch and tribal pattern, African style balances the neutral and patterned vibe in a room. Here below are some African look in a house that you can get some inspirations from.


Tribal Welcome

Start from the entrance way, African style can be implemented. This entrance has wooden floor, wooden low bench with pillows, and tribal pattern that looks amazing on the wall. The ceiling also gives rustic feeling.


African Console

Along with the entrance way, this one here can help displaying a great African feeling. This console table displays natural look that stacks strongly. Combined with an enticing mirror on the wall, this one here can make a warm welcome to the house.


On the Balcony

Exotic look on African style can be gained with African pattern. Seen here among the rattan furniture on chairs and tables, this vibrant purple rug looks so beautiful, coloring the neutral look of a balcony.


Wall Decor

If a room is already made and it’s difficult to change in the middle, having African wall decor can make the room has the exotic nuance. But of course, to pull out a strong African look in the room, make sure that it’s in neutral or earthy colored scheme.


African Patterns

Another thing that can help a room gets tribal feeling is pillows. Although it looks like small things but pillows can change the room with its colors and pattern. This one here has tribal pattern that completes the neutrality in the room.


Comfortable Lounge Chair

Creating African style can be done even in small things like putting plants and adding more neutral furniture. This one here has rattan rug and wooden side table complementary to each other. This white lounge chair adds a neutral comfort among the neutral and exotic nuance in the room.


Black Tribal Pattern

Similar with the balcony, this one here also uses rug to give African notion to the room. The white and black look is balanced with the tribal pattern rug on the floor.


Simple Clothe

Another thing that can help making a room feels more African is by covering chairs or sofa with tribal patterns. Even the simpler one, without great details, can help a room to have completely different look. The matching pillows here add more comfortable notion to the look.


Dining Room

To make a dining room feels exotic, this one here uses wooden bench in more raw look that makes the room feels closer to nature. The color scheme of the room is also earthy with its rug, table, and painted wall.


In the Bedroom

Having a bedroom with tribal nuance can look interesting where natural characters, neutral color, and earthy components are combined together. The bedroom in this one here has a really interesting design with rattan bed platform that covers the headboard and foot board in a really interesting way. The red accents on the wall, blanket, and chairs makes the room look comfortable.

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