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Kitchen Without Upper Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Flowery Rug, Green Cabinet, White Modern Dining Table Set, Black Backsplash, Pink Painted Wall, Black Cabinet
Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wooden Floor, White Backsplash, Green Wall, Sconces, Dining Table Set, Modern Chairs, Pendant, White Cupboard
Kitchen, White Wall, Sconces, Black Cabinet, Silver Top, Rug, Wooden Beams On Ceiling
Kitchen With No Upper Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Pendants, White Top, White Sink
Kitchen With Black Backsplash Tiles, Black Bottom Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Green Sconces
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Table Set With Wooden Benches, Black Chairs, White Wall, Grey Backsplash, Floating Shelves, Green Cabinet, Sconces, Hanging Pendant
Kitchen, Light Grey Floor, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Marble Open Shelves, White Wall
Kitchen With Black Cabinet, Tiny Black White Backsplash Tiles, Grey Floating Shelves
Kitchen, White Wall, Large Glass Windows With White Frames, Soft Colorful Drawer Fronts Cabinet, Modern Dining Table Set, Silver Pendants, Light Wooden Floor
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Darker Wooden Cabinet, Beige Wall, Marble Counter Top And Island, White Sconces

Upper cabinet has been a pattern in a kitchen. You need to have cabinet at the bottom of the counter top and above. And that’s like a mantra people believe to be true. However, sometimes, things need to change. Sometimes, heavy looks need to go. And what if letting go of the upper cabinet will eventually make the kitchen feels better? Here below are some beautiful ideas that you can some inspirations from.

Chic in Pink
Having no upper cabinet can make the room feels more airy. Without big and sturdy cabinet in the wall, the kitchen can look tidier and cleaner. Seen in this picture is a chic kitchen that is able to pronounce its pale pink shade that goes well with white cabinets and floor.

Colorful Cabinet
Without upper cabinet in the picture, adding details to the bottom cabinet feels liberating. There is no worries in making the kitchen feels heavier. With soft colorful tones, this one here offers more joyful look in muted palette that works really well with the modern theme in the kitchen.

Green Pink
Without upper cabinet, playing with colors and pattern would not make you worry too much. As the floor has been strong with pattern, colors, and character, the empty upper wall will give you calm. Divided into two colors and added with flower pattern, this one here makes the kitchen sweet and pretty.

Adding Accessories
Getting rid of upper cabinet means you have more airy look. And that also means, you can put some wall accessories instead. Seen in this kitchen, with neutral choice of colors, the wall is not left bare. With lamp that gives unique design, wall accessories, and a dried branch, the accessories are kept low.

Plain Minimalist
For those who love to have minimalist look, having the upper cabinet gone will probably help you to get the minimalist look. Almost bare, the wall looks simple and modern. And the decoration is going on the floor.

Blissful Kitchen
Creating a simpler look means creating a space that will give positive energy. A place where you can not only creating food but also relaxing in doing so. This peaceful green kitchen looks like a perfect example. And for those who can’t give up too much storage, an open shelves like this can help a lot.

Open Shelves
When getting rid of upper cabinet, there are storage that follows going. And if you love the minimalist look of no upper cabinet, the life style that follows is minimalist habit. With minimalism, storage problem will get easier. The other option is of course having a supboard especially for all the kitchenware.

Deep Black
Getting black kitchen can be tricky yet it looks awesome. With depth that black offers, the room looks longer and wider. And the green accent on sconces look even bolder.

White Marbled
As getting rid of upper cabinet means you still also maintain all the clutters but with less storage, having a cupboard especially for the kitchenware and tableware is a wise step. Seen in this clean, simple, yet elegant kitchen is a white small door that can lead to all the appliances in the kitchen.

Great View
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has its own success story of going bare on the wall. It is the white cupboard and long cabinet that everything looks smooth and nice.

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