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bulbs stretching from the ceiling to the floor in the middle of the stairs Pinterest

Thin Long Pendants With Small Lights On The Tip Groups In Circle
An Asymmetrical Sconce Structured In Brass And Hand Blown Glass On The Wall Near The Stairs
Interesting White In Black Metal Pendants In The Stairs
Bulbs Stretching From The Ceiling To The Floor In The Middle Of The Stairs
Pendants With Shapes Like Molten Gold In The Middle Of The Stairs
Pendants Near The Stairs With Wire Shapes Globe Pendant With Bulb Inside
Globe Shaped With Perforated Surface As Pendants Near The Stairs
Ring Shaped Pendants In The Middle Of The Stairs
Bulb Pendants In The Middle Of The Swirling Stairs
Light Installation In The Shape Of Leaf In The Middle Of The Swirling Of The Stairs

Lighting fixture can change your room completely or complement it and makes it even stronger in character. Whatever it is you try to acquire, lighting is an essential part of the room, so if you want to make a great impression to your room to the smallest details, make sure you have chosen the most appropriate fixture that will make your room glow even when the lamp is turned off. Furthermore, the rooms that need to have great lighting are not only an actual room. Place like the side of stairs need that too as you can see in the pictures below.

Lattice Globe

If you want to create mystifying shadow in the area near of the lamp, this kind of lighting fixture is the best. With its lattice surface, a beautiful shadow can be created just like what you see in the picture.


Bulbs in Cage

Similar with the previous one, this one will also cast a glamorous shadow when the lamp is turned on and the area around is dark. And as the bulbs are small and cast weak light, it will shine the area enough to make walking the stairs safely.


Bulbs on Thin Wire

This pretty sight is created from the small bulbs with thin strings from the ceiling all the way to the ground of the stairs. While beautifying the stairs, it also helps the lighting of the stairs in the night.


Shining Thread

This one here takes it further in lighting wise. The lights are not only from the small bulbs on the tip of the thread but the thread itself looks glowing from the source of the thread in the ceiling. It probably has to do with the lamp that is placed on the ceiling.


Flying Leaves

If you love the serene feeling of a forest, you will love this leave of lamp installation that will enchant the room around. The flat and thin surface has one point where the lamp is placed and it will be continued by the thin surface to glow the room.


Ring of Light

This one has its particular effect when it’s turned on. With its minimalist lamps and nothing fancy in the shape, it successfully brings its own character to the room.


Mystical Light

Have you ever read a fantasy comic where there is mystical light that comes from nowhere and lead you to a place you never know? Well, this lighting here can help you reminiscing. And just like Jack and his beanstalk, this one also goes to up there in the ceiling.


Molten Gold

While the previous lights mostly shows you the light that places in the middle of the swirling stairs, this one is placed in the middle of straight stairs. And the best thing is not that but the fact that it’s shaped like molten gold it’s so beautiful and elegant.


White Modern Light

If you prefer something more modern but still have the artistic asymmetrical shape, this one here will delight you the best.


Stick to the Wall

While the rest shows lighting fixtures that are installed from the ceiling, this one is the most different as it is stuck to the wall and it doesn’t make it less beautiful. The asymmetric patter on the wall is what makes this fixture the best.

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