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front yard, grass, white step stone, plants, stones, blue shade glass The Architecure Home

Yard, White Steps, Vertical Wooden Rack, White Wall, Grass
Yard, Grass, Brown Steps, Wooden Stage, Plants, Whtie Wooden Grid, Pond
Front Yard, Grass, White Step Stone, Plants, Stones, Blue Shade Glass
Yard, Brown Stones, Orange Wall, Wooden Plants Board, White Floor, Lounge Chair
Front Yard, Grass, Wooden And Stones Step
Back Yard, Stones, Black Granite, White Wall, Plants
Back Yard, Wooden And Black Stones Line, White Wall, Plants
Back Yard, Grass, White Stones, Stepping Tiles, Plants
Yard, White Black Stones, Stone Wall, Yellow Wall, Plants
Backyard, Grass, Marble Steps, Plants, Stones, White Wall

Having more land to decorate up front or in the back is really fun. With this yard you would be able to create more fresh and beautiful touches to your house. With beautiful yard, you would always happy when you open your window and if it is in the front, you would welcome anyone (including yourself) with a beautiful sight. If you’re looking for some inspirations, you would love to see this compilation.

Fresh and Warm
This one here is perfect for both front and back yard. This refreshing setting is enriched with plants and grass below. The white stones and the brown stepping tiles make the yard looks even more natural and warm.

Snake Path
This is not literally a snake path but looking like a slithering path, with patterns of square black granite and glossy looks, this look like a pretty snake. The plants on the side makes it look even more so.

Simple Natural
For a small space with a car, this front yard has an efficient, useful, and pretty looking yard. One side is decorated with grass and completed with white stones, dark stepping boards and plants while the other is smooth path for the car.

Black Lines on the Back
Similar to one of the previous, this one also has an interesting lines of path. With black stones, the path contrast well with the surrounding white stones. The stone wall and the plants on the yard makes a nice accent to the yard.

Black Snake
This one is also has the same black path that slithering to the end of the yard. However, this one is combined with brown sand/soil that also creates a beautiful look.

Warm Minimalist
This long space is amazing with minimalist setting. The wall is warm with orange terracotta look and a little bit of plants. The yard is completed with white stones and round stepping wood while a lounge chair offering comfort at the end of the line.

Fresh and Pretty
If you and your guest come home to this pretty look, you would feel so happy to see your home. The white stepping stones and those near plants make a strong accent in this warm look, contrasting well with wooden grid to put the pots.

Fresh Water
This is another sight that you would feel so happy to come home to. The white wooden fence makes a fresh look, completed further with grass and stepping stones in the middle, making a straight line. The water pond and the plants along the fence make a refreshing ambiance in this small garden.

Accented Stepping Stones
This backyard makes a tidy, clean, and fresh look with trimmed grass, and light colored stepping stones arranged zigzag. The plants are in modest height and have simple look.

Fresh Blue
This front yard makes a fresh look not only with its refreshing setting of plants and natural touches on the stepping stones and accessories but also on the interesting blue shade glass fence.

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