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A Beauty You Make in the Back of Your House

When you still can have soil in the back of your home, you will be able to turn it into beautiful spot, especially if you will live a long time in your home. You can play with the plants, the lighting, and even any decoration you want to put out there. For you who still want to look out for ideas, this might help you on what you want to do in your back yard.

Narrow Long Backyard

When you have a narrow and long soil behind your home, you can decorate your yard like this. You can put concrete boxes filled with plants and flowers to make it merry and pretty but still tidy. This picture might not have too narrow yard but it can be your guide to make a beautiful yard.

backyard with ceramic steppng stones, artificial grass, geranium and tree flower pots made by granite and copped by travertine

Sloping Backyard

In this picture, you can see that the owner make sure the soil if covered with grass, and plants and even Asian bamboo. It makes the backyard is actually the nature itself.

slope backyard with concrete pads, trees, flowers, asian lemon bamboos
Landscape Images

Swing in the Yard

In this picture, you can see how the designer covered the yard with grass and a little stepping pavement and white river stones. The edge of the yard is surrounded by various plants in the shade of purple and green. And in one spot, there is pretty wooden swing ready.

backyard with grass, stepping stones, river stones, swing in the left, and planting in the shade of purples, blue, white, green
Jane Harries Garden Design

Fire Pit in the Middle

One clever way to shape your backyard is by making it into a place to sit and relax for everyone. This one is one of it. With a small fire pot in the middle of wooden seating area, t is an ideal place to gather around with your family and friends in the night.

backyard with fire pit in the middle surrounded b square seating area that is surrounded by planting area
Bayon Gardens

Lotus Pond in the Yard

If you want a romantic yard, you might like this one. Besides, it is also quite secluded with high wooden rail on top of brick wall. The soil is covered with white small river stones and on two edges, the plants are beautifully grown.

asian landscape backyard with wooden rails on top of the stone wall, pond with lotus and stepping pads, white river stones, a bench and a table, and trees and flowers on the side
John Davies Landscape

Outdoor Dining Area

If you have quite large backyard, you might want to enjoy it as much as possible. Well, with the idea shown in this picture, you can maximize the use of your backyard to be not only a beautiful yard with grass covered and plants but also an outdoor dining area where you can enjoy your yard.

backyard with bluestone floor dining area, flowers and trees, brown and blue gray pave stone, wooden rails
Southview Design

Little Forest in the Backyard

This one is also for you who like trees and flowers but only have small space. You can cover the soil with plants and make path with stepping stones. With bird bath and wind chime, it looks natural and beautiful.

backyard full of shade trees and flowers with lime stones pathway, copper bird bath, wind chime
RDM Architecture

Tropical Pool

Here is for you who love to make pool in the back of your home. It will look fresh indeed. But if you add some palm trees around it and bright flower plants, it will look tropical.

backyard with pool, diamond shape stones floring, ang royal palm trees around the pool

Living Green Wall

This one is modern and trendy backyard with grey pavement. You can give little hint of plants on the edge and a lively living green wall, and it is not as simple as it is.

backyard with lounge area, grey flooring, plants box, and living green wall
Ecominded Solutions

Outdoor Sitting Area

Care to make your gossip and business meeting more relax and fun? Well, you can bring your guests to your backyard with not only grass, and beautiful plants, but also with seating area on one side.

backyard with sitting area under opened wooden pergola, flagstone on concrete base pavement and plant edge, grass