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bathroom, white wall, white ceiling, blue patterned accent wall, floor, and ceiling, white tub, wooden stool Jessica Baker

Bathroom, White Subway Tiles, Blue Pattern Floor Tiles, Windows, White Tub
Bathroom, White Wall, White Ceiling, Blue Patterned Accent Wall, Floor, And Ceiling, White Tub, Wooden Stool
Bathroom, White Herringbone Bottom Wall, Green Wall, Pendant, Mirror, Black Basin, Green Patterned Floor Tiles
Bathroom, White Wall, Blue Geometrical Tiles, Indented Wall For Shelves, White Bowl Tub
Bathroom, White Marble Floor Tiles, Patterned Accent Wall Tiles On The Shower Area And Behind The Mirror And White Vanity, Brown White Wall Tiles
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Marble Hexagonal Tiles, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, White Marble Counter Top, Golden Accent Wall, Round Mirror, Glass Pendants
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall Tiles, Glass Window Ceiling, White Sink
Bathroom, White Wall, White Tub, Blue Scales Wall Tiles,
White Herringbone Tiles, Grey Wall, Dark Grey Toilet, Wooden Vanity Floating Table, Marble Sink, Round Mirror
Bathroom, White Marble Floor Tiles, Blue Wall Tiles, Black White Wall Tiles, White Floating Sink Vanity, White Floating Shelves, LED Lamps On The Ceiling, Large Mirror

Adding something decorative that makes you always feel happy getting into a room can be gained by installing pretty and interesting patterns. The bolder you want to go, the larger area you will want to decorate. This can be done in the wall and floor. And to do that, beautiful pattern tiles can help you big time. And if you love to bring in beautiful pattern tiles, bathroom is one place where you can put it in with strong and bold character as seen in these ten beautiful bathrooms.

Simple Herringbone
One of the simplest pattern is herringbone pattern. With simple square tiles, herringbone pattern can be achieved. In a modern bathroom, it would be a great accent wall and floor, like seen below.

Blue Scales
If you want to add some strong yet simple accent, this one here can show a perfect example. The blue fish scales tiles make a perfect wall accent. The white pendants and tub put a nice contrast to the blue scales.

Black White Bottom
A pretty combination is seen in this one with white marble floor and blue square wall tiles as well as black and white pattern tiles. This combination makes an interesting character out of this room. And it is completed with LED lamps along the ceiling that makes the room lighted prettily.

Unique Green
This one here puts an interesting note with the interesting pattern on the floor tiles. The color itself matches the white and green on the floor although with different texture and finish. The pattern on the floor make the room looks strong.

Pretty Accent
This bathroom has been interesting even from the architecture design. The window on the ceiling ensures it would always be a bright room despite the low ceiling. The neutral color choices on the floor and wall keep the room neutral and open to the beautiful blue accent wall.

Luxurious Pattern
In this simple bathroom tub space, the interior is really simple but the patterned tiles look strongly interesting and characterized that the space looks amazing. The indented shelves on the wall is ensure to be seen, with LED lamps along the shelves.

Hexagonal Marble
In this bathroom, the patter is seen in the geometrical shape of the marble on the wall and floor. This marble creates luxurious touch while stays on the modern pattern. The golden hue from the accent behind the mirror strengthen this elegant move.

Complex Pattern
Combining complex pattern tiles into a strong wall like this one can be a great inspiration. With soft color palette, the wall does not look too contrast but still have a great combination.

Blue Patterned Floor
In this small space, the contrast created by white wall and blue floor looks strongly beautiful. The wall looks bright while the blue floor looks enticing.

Accent Line
Similar to the previous one, this one also gives a strong accent with blue. However, not only on the floor, this one here puts blue on the wall and ceiling with interesting end. This blue lines has been an interesting point in this setting.

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