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When we talk about bathroom needs, you may think that they are only the shower space, a freestanding bathtub, a bathroom vanity, and a shower fixture. To have a nice bathing experience in a shower tub combo, you need a bathroom cartridge. It can allow the water flow really well and you can adjust it as you wish. There are many kinds of bathtub cartridges you can find at the store. You should also choose its color that suits with the bathroom color scheme. The following pictures are some bathrooms with good quality bathtub cartridge which complete the bathroom need.

The White Bathroom with Patterns

This white bathroom is full of patterns. The dotty black on the white floor tile, the white subway wall tiles, and the marble accent wall create a nice combination of patterns and beautify this bathroom really well. The chrome bathtub cartridge is installed on the white subway wall tile.

Wall Mounted Shower Head and Tub Filler

The bathtub cartridge allows the wall mounted head shower and bathtub filler work well. The shower and tub combination can be closed with the white waterproof curtain for privacy and bathroom cleanliness.

A Very Warm Bathroom

Wooden accent walls can decorate the shower and tub combo in a classic style. The walls make the white bathtub, the shower fixture, and the bathtub cartridge stand our more.

Nice Marble Look in A Bathroom

Marble gives a nice accent into the floor tile, shower wall tile, the tub cover, and the vanity top. The glass sliding shower door makes the bathroom seem longer without privacy.

A Perfect Tub and Shower Fixture

Go minimalist is absolutely a nice choice for a bathroom. It will make the activities inside more relaxing. The bathtub cartridge is well placed over the wall mounted tub filler and under the sliding shower head.

A Shabby Bathroom

In the opposite, this bathroom has a shabby style which is famous for some sweet color combination and patterns. The gold shower fixture and curtain rod can blend well into the white subway tile. And the patterned floor can decorate the bathroom beautifully.

Bathroom Cartridge in A Small Bathroom

Some small space tricks are used in this small bathroom, including the perfect combination of glass and mirror and a minimalist floating vanity. The shower tub fixture also has a high-quality bathroom cartridge.

A Shower Tub Combination

This shower tub combination is a smart space saver trick for a bathroom. To make it complete, you should install the nice shower tub fixtures such as the tub filler, shower head, and the cartridge.

So Relax and Glamorous

A relaxing time in this spacious pink bathroom is a dream of every working lady. The glamorous touch of the chandelier, vanity, the arched shower tub combo, and accent wall complete this space.

A Traditional Style

An upstairs bathroom can offer a window and modern features. The tub filler and the bathtub cartridge are installed on the grey wall tile while the shower head is right on the white wall.

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