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bedroom, green grid wall, wooden wall, pendants, blue side cabinet with white top Behance

Bedroom, White Floor, Grey Patterned Rug, Grey Wall, Grey Accent Ceiling, Brown Headboard, White Sconces, Grey Bench
Bedroom, Green Grid Wall, Wooden Wall, Pendants, Blue Side Cabinet With White Top
Bedroom, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Detailed Headboard, Rattan Chair, Rattan Rug
Bedroom, Grey Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Wall, Wooden Grid Wall, Blue Headboard, Pendants, Blue Side Table, White Side Cabinet
Bedroom, White Wall, Pink Orange Green Color Blocks, Orange Round Side Table, Purple Headboard
Bedroom, Pink Wall, Pink Orange Rainbow Lines, Rattan Shelves, Wooden Side Table, Bed
Bedroom, White Wall, Curvy Lines Of Blue Purple Orange On Teh Wall, White Golden Pendants
Bedroom, Pink Patterned Rug, Peach Pink Wall, Pink Headboard, Pendant
Bedroom, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Curvy Wall Decoration, Black Inside, Orange Decoration, Built In Side Table, White Table
Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Modern Chandelier, Orange Bed Frame, Orange Lip Head Board, Green Side Cabinet

Bedroom is a special place where you want to get comfortable and relaxed warmly. It is also a place where you want to make a pretty place to snug on the night and in the weekend. Adding an interesting detail to the bedroom, even the modern bedroom, will make the room feels much more interesting while also feel comfortable. These details can be added simply to the wall. Creating accent wall can make a simple bedroom looks more amazing. This below is a compilation of pretty and comfortable bedrooms that can give you some inspirations.

Blue Elegance
This modern bedroom makes a smooth look with pretty details on the wooden grid and pastel blue wall and bed frame. The pendants from the ceiling make the room looks interesting with its pretty details.

Mirror Accent
This modern bedroom looks simple but has interesting pattern detail. The wall and ceiling puts a pretty frame while the wall is prettily decorated with unique hexagonal mirror and the brown headboard. The sconces on the wall give final touches on the wall.

Color Blocks
Another way to decorate the wall is by painting color blocks. This one here combines pink, orange and green in an interesting color blocks and make a pretty accent wall.

Green Lines
This one here puts another modern and elegant look. The green lines on the wall put a pretty and subtle look, combined with the wooden head board. The white side cabinet and its white top make a modern matches white modern pendant above it and together, they bring an easy look.

Pastel Rainbow
This pastel rainbow makes a really pretty detail yet also a simple one. The rainbow accent makes a fun detail on the wall and this has brought the wall to be brightened in cheerful way. The white and golden pendants make an interesting combination.

Black Indented Nook
This curvy accent makes a special look with its indented wall and black background. The curve has made the wall has built-in headboard and side table. This has given not only a beautiful look but also interesting details.

Fun Orange
Orange is not only a fun and cheerful look but it also brightens the room in a great deal. The pattern on the rug gives a subtler yet support the interesting and cheerful bright look in the room. The orange lip head board gives a fine accent wall.

Trees Wall
This accent wall makes a pretty accent with its trees on the back wall. The greenery makes the bohemian styled bedroom feels fresher especially with large glass window on the side.

Pink Rainbow
Similar to one of the previous one, this one also puts out a pretty and pastel rainbow. The pink and peach lines of rainbow matches prettily with the neutral creamy color on the wall and the natural wooden shelves and side table.

Yellow Circle
This bedroom puts simple round pattern with bold fun yellow color. The orange headboard and the orange side of the wall make a nice and perfect combination.

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