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kitchen, wooden floor ,white wall, glossy orange blue grey bottom cabinet, glossy blue grey red green shelves, yellow shelves, table Houzz

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Black Backsplash Wall, Black Kitchen Top, Orange Yellows Red Upper Cabinets
Kitchen, Patterned Floor, White Cabinet, Glossy White Backsplash, Red Wall, White Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Dining Table Set, Blue Kitchen Wall, Yellow Sink Wall, Purple Floating Shelves, Yellow Floating Cabinet, Purple Bottom Cabinet
Kitchen, Yellow Seamless Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Built In Shelves, White Blue Green Yellow Upper Cabinet, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, White Bottom Cabinet, Colorful Upper Cabinet, White Backsplash, Patterned Wall, White Round Table, Colorful Chair
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Colorful Cabinet Upper And Bottom, White Backsplash Tiles, White Dining Set
Kitchen, Marble Seamless Floor, Brown Tiles Backsplash, Colorful Cabinet, White Ceiling, White Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor ,white Wall, Glossy Orange Blue Grey Bottom Cabinet, Glossy Blue Grey Red Green Shelves, Yellow Shelves, Table
Kitchen, Yellow Bottom Cabinet, White Yellow Tiles Wall, Yellow Floating Shelves With LED Lights, Wooden Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, Muted Green Bottom, Glossy Green Backsplash, Blue Floating Cabinet, Red Island

Playful colors always make the room feel fun and energized. Besides, it shows the fun characteristics of the owner too. With bright colors, it is easy to always feel happy and refresh. And putting colorful notion in a kitchen can be really interesting as it will make not only those who see the colors but also those who actually work in the kitchen to always feel energized. It is perfect for those who see kitchen is a place with too many works. And here below are ten stunning bright color scheme used in a kitchen that will make you feel happy just to see it.

Glossy Colors
In this kitchen, not only it is colorful but it also glossy. With glossy finish, the colors are even more pronounced. Looking at this kitchen, it feels like new energy is pumped up. Balanced with neutral touch on the white wall and wooden floor, this kitchen looks grounded.

Floating Colors
This kitchen looks natural when it is only white and black. However, with colorful upper cabinet with black bottom, it looks more interesting with the dimension created by the white and black shade. The black painted wall in the middle makes the upper cabinet looks floating.

Color Blocks
In this kitchen with mostly white on the room, colorful upper cabinet is added. With its bright colors, the room looks brighten immediately especially when it is combined with colorful chairs on the dining set.

Purple Look
This kitchen has a bold move not only in painting the wall but also in choosing the cabinet colors. With bold blue wall, the kitchen has looked strong. But adding purple as cabinet and shelves, it becomes even bolder. As the two combination can look dark, yellow block of color is added on the sink wall and as shelves.

Enchanting scheme
This one here has a really interesting color scheme. With a very bold move, the floor is seamless yellow that has been a really strong characters on the white background kitchen. The unique wooden sliding table is on the similar color combination of yellow, white, and dark green with the cabinet on the wall. The color playing on the kitchen makes the kitchen has a really distorted dimension and that’s is really interesting.

Bold Red
Calmer than the previous one, this one builds the color scheme in green blue vibe on the wall. The grey floor seems to support the muted look. And then, to spice things up, red island is added to the kitchen and makes the room clashed. In a gorgeous way.

All Colors
If you love getting your kitchen colorful, you will love to have your cabinet painted in many bold colors like this (of course neutral colors are welcome, to balance the look). Only leave a white middle lines like this, the colors are pronounced even more, surrounded by white.

Pinkish Vibe
Although this kitchen looks so colorful, it brings more pink and the other saturated pink color that creates soft hue among the bold look in the kitchen. The interesting thing is the pattern on one of the blocks on the bottom. IT gives a sudden unique look.

Yellow Blocks
Although this kitchen only generates yellow to compliment white color on the kitchen, it has created a unique blocks on the wall. The yellow area continues to the cabinet and the floating shelves with LED lights.

Red Block and Patterned Floor
In this kitchen, the color play is on the bold red wall and the patterned floor. It looks catchy in the white environs.

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