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kichen, long space, wooden floor, glossy white cabinet, indented space, white wall, black stool Futurist Architecture

Kitchen, White Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Counter Top, Off White Bottom Cabinet, White Sconces.
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet With Black Counter Top, Pendants, White Wall, Black Framed Large Windows, Black Butterfly Chair
Kichen, Long Space, Wooden Floor, Glossy White Cabinet, Indented Space, White Wall, Black Stool
Kitchen, Grey Flor, White Wall, Glass Window, Bulb Pendants, White Cabinet With Wooden Herringbone Sounter Top
Kitchen, White Indented Wall, White Counter Top, Light Brown Cabinet, White Floor
Kiche, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Clear Bulb Pendants, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet With Wooden Counter Top, White Bench With Drawers, Large Window
Kitchen, Light Brown Chevron Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Black Cabinet With Matble Top, Black Faucet
Kitchen, Long Galley, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, White Wall, Square Wall Tiles, Dark Purple Bottom Cabinet With Matching Counter Top

Kitchen feels the best when it looks clean and bright. It brings fresh look to the room and it makes you feel calm preparing the food amidst the heat and, sometimes, strong smell. Creating a clean and tidy kitchen will make everyone who uses the room feels light and happy. If you love the clean and tidy ambiance that you can see from modern kitchens below.

Long Black Cabinet
This kitchen below puts a simple setting with black and white in the room. The white floor and wall serves as a bright background to the strong and deep colored cabinet. This black long cabinet looks amazingly strong in this white setting. With large glass mirror, this setting is even more pronounced.

Elegant Black
Similar to the previous one, this one also put long black cabinet in the room. The strong black cabinet looks amazing with the simple patterned floor and the marble counter top that brings elegant touch in the kitchen.

Herringbone Top
This one here looks interesting with its simple and minimalist look, seen in the smooth white cabinet. The details on the herringbone wooden top brings warmth and beautiful details to the room. The minimalist bulb pendants strengthen the space in its minimalist ambiance.

Smooth White
Similar to the previous ones, this one also puts white neutral background and the cabinet to show modernity. The smooth surfaced bottom cabinet makes an interesting lean finish to the room. The absence of shelves and upper cabinet make the space even larger.

Blush in Minimalist Look
As minimalist look can spare you all the details, adding some small details can make the room interesting. In this kitchen with indented wall, the white shelves and counter top looks so pure and bright that the off white of the cabinet makes a pretty blush to it. It is also blushed by the brownish line between the smooth drawers.

Added Bench
This minimalist kitchen looks simple yet amazing. The white wooden bench brings warmth to the kitchen and makes a nice breakfast dining space. With bright windows at the back, the kitchen sure looks bright and fun.

Dark Lines
In this kitchen below, the long bottom cabinet makes an interesting line along the wall. With similar counter top, the cabinet looks strong in minimalist details.

Some Traditional Feeling
In this kitchen below, some details on the sconces and the handle in the smooth cabinet bring some traditional feeling to it. The glossy surface brings fun to the room that helps the bright light to look even brighter.

White Galley
This minimalist galley looks brilliant with its long shape space and the large glass window. The bottom cabinet is brought up that it almost looks like it floats. This bring even lighter touch.

Fresh Outside
Adding a door to the outside can help a kitchen to look fresh and amazing, like this one. Air circulation will run better to help you get the hot steam from the stove out. And the bright light will help you to look at your stove thoroughly.

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