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kitchen, grey floor tiles, wooden slats on curvy island, wooden slats on upper cabinet, blue bottom cabinet, white kitchen top, brown backsplash tiles, wooden shelves Dwell

Wooden Slats On Upper And Bottom Cabinet, Grey Marble Top, White Inside Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Slats Island With Black Top, Wooden Upper Cabinet With Black Shelves, Wooden Pendant, White Wall
Kitchen, Grey Seamless Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet, Woden Slats Wall, Floating Wire Shelves, Grey Sofa, Clear Glass Bulb Pendants
Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, Wooden Slats On The Bottom Cabinet, Upper Cabinet, And Pantry, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Dining Set
Kitchen, Terazzo Floor Tiles, Wooden Island With Marble Top, White Cabinet, Marble Backsplash, Wooden Slat Ceiling, Clear Glass Ceiling
Kitchen, Seamless Grey Floor And Wall, Wooden Slats Island With Grey Top, Wooden Cabinet With Grey Top, Wooden Slats Pantry, Wooden Slats Ceiling, Black Pendant, Golden Sconces
Kitchen, Seamless Grey Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Green Pendants, Wooden Slats Cebinet, Wooden Top, Grey Curtain
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Slats Bottom Cabinet, Glight Grey Wall, Black Pantry, White Upper Cabinet, White Top, Black Sconces
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Slats Bottom Cabinet, Black Top, Seamless Grey Wall, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Wooden Slats On Curvy Island, Wooden Slats On Upper Cabinet, Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Brown Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Shelves

Wooden slats is a really pretty addition to a room. Although it is often used as room divider, adding wooden slats to a room also a great addition to a kitchen as seen in the pictures below. The wooden slats added to a room brings texture and neutral feeling that makes the kitchen more interesting. It has been an accessories through a simple addition.

Wooden Slats Island
In this kitchen, wooden slats is added to the island. Combined with wooden upper cabinet, the overall look of the kitchen looks balanced and pretty.

Wooden Slats Wall
This modern kitchen over here has put a great minimalist look on the seamless floor and smooth black bottom cabinet that it looks so clean. However, with wooden slats on the wall, the kitchen has textures and warmth enough to the whole room.

Wooden Slat Cabinet
This kitchen also has modern look with its neutral color and minimalist and clean touch. However, the wooden slats on the bottom cabinet adds some details to the room without ruining the minimalist ambiance.

Black and Wood
While white colored has been a popular partner for wood material, black color actually can give the same neutral and complimenting effect to the wooden material. Seen in this one is a kitchen that combines wooden material with dark and black color. The warmth in the wood slats is complemented with the seamless wall and black kitchen top. And not only that, the mix of black steel and wooden boards on the floating shelves is a great final touch.

Wooden Slats Up and Down
This kitchen here gives a strong texture game with wooden slats on the upper and bottom cabinet that look so endearing. Completed with wooden dining set, it’s all just perfect.

Curvy Slats
In this modern kitchen, wooden slats is used interestingly. It is on the small upper cabinet and the curvy island. It acts as decoration but it gives strong impression. With wooden shelves and blue bottom cabinet, it blends really well.

Middle Shelves
This cabinet here shows an interesting look were wooden slats are both on the upper and bottom cabinet that it looks so strong yet among these textures, it leaves a middle shelves with grey marble.

Wooden Slats Everywhere
If you love the texture and natural look of a wooden slats, you will love this one kitchen here. In this grey minimalist environment, wooden slats are used on the island, on the pantry and on the ceiling. It looks dramatic and fabulous at the same time.

Long Wooden Slats
In this kitchen, wooden slats are used on the long kitchen bottom cabinet. Combined with minimalist modern ambiance, it is a perfect combination.

Statement Ceiling
While the previous ones focusing on the cabinet and island, this one here only focuses on the ceiling. And that makes this room presented with an interesting statement ceiling. Among white room, this wooden slats ceiling looks so pronounced.

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