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white built in kitchen table with white top and legs Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Inc

Round Wooden Dining Table For Small Kitchen
White Contemporary Wooden Bar For Small Kitchen
White Built In Kitchen Table For Small Kitchen
Small Wooden Built In Table For Small Kitchen
White Dining Table For Small Kitchen
Small Table For Small Kitchen With Dark Brown Wood Legs And White Counter Top Similar To The Kitchen
Small Single High Table In White Marble Counter Top, Brown Wooden Cabinet Under The Top
Long Slim Wooden Kitchen Table
White Built In Kitchen Table With White Top And Legs
Triangle Glass Dining Table For Small Kitchen

When you have a small kitchen, you will have to rethink on what you should and should not bring to your small space. You also have to think when you want to have table even if it’s small because it will affect the space and of course, you will want something pretty that will meet your need. Here below are some ideas that have been gathered so you can see what best you can do for your kitchen.

White High Bar

This is one great idea for your small kitchen. With this, you still can eat separated from the kitchen, on a table and it won’t affect your space much.

Getting White

For small kitchen, it is understandable that people like to go on neutral or white color. As for the table in your small kitchen, it will also look good too in white.

Small Secluded Table

This is simple small table that matches the kitchen counter on the back. It is not too heavy for the small spaces. With the right lighting, the table will not look small in the night.

Single Table

This might be what you are looking for if you keen for something small but practical as well. With color matches the kitchen and clear chair, this will not look too heavy in your small kitchen.

White Long Built In Table

This one is another built in table. For a small kitchen, saving space is really important that it is understandable to have built in table like this. With long table, you will be able to load more plates than the other small table.

Slim Wood

This is a really beautiful wooden kitchen table. The leg is only one because as it leans on the wall for another leg, but it makes a really exceptional table for small kitchen, especially when the shelves on top of it are a matched.

Clear Table

Having clear glass table is one of the things you can do for a small room. It will help you to avoid the sense of heavy in a room that is already small. The legs is also only one long stick in the middle so that it will be more spacious to roam your feet.

Close to the Wall

One of the things you can do to save space is by putting your furniture to the wall so that you can enjoy the space left in the middle. This table is also pushed to the wall so that even if it’s not too small table, it will not take too much space.

Round Table

If you love to have your family eat in round dining table placed in the middle of the room, you can still do that like in the picture below. All the furniture and the room is all in the same color palette that it won’t cut the color.

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