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For an additional seating or dining space in a home, we need a breakfast nook or a corner seating with a dining table. It is usually placed near the kitchen for easier access. It will be also more functional if you have a spacious kitchen space. A corner bench seating with a small dining table can let everyone have a comfortable breakfast. Besides its main function, a corner bench seating can offer the coziness of a booth and be completed by adding a storage. Here are some pleasant corner bench seating with storage ideas that you can apply in your kitchen or near it.

Extend the Bench

A storage corner bench can be extended for more seating, storage, and media display. It is a really easy and clean way to add more storage. This corner seating space also has some brown chairs for more seats.

A Cozy Kitchen Corner

You can turn the corner of your kitchen into a cheery dining area with an L-shaped built-in bench that has the same color and style as the cabinetry. To keep the dining nook cozy, it is surrounded by a metal bistro table, an armchair, and a sparkly chandelier.

A Bright Seating Corner

A corner space in your kitchen that offers any windows can be a bright seating space. You only need to put a corner bench seating with storage, complete with a white table and small bench with deer legs.

An Open Storage Idea

If you like to expose and display your things, this corner bench seating with open shelves under it may be your need. Look how well a minimalist white oval table works in this corner bench.

Create An Extra Seating Nook

A very small spare space can also be filled with a small corner bench. With the same material and color as the kitchen cabinetry will make a nice look in a kitchen.

Tufted Corner Bench Seating with Storage

Although the corner bench has spacious and comfortable seating, you are allowed to add some chairs in a different color. The pink chairs are added to complete the white tufted bench with storage.

A Curved Corner Bench with Drawers

A round black pedestal table is really suitable for this white curved corner bench seating with drawers. As it doesn’t have back cushions, it is filled with some white pillows for a comfortable effect.

Window Corner Bench Seating with Storage

This airy kitchen not only provides the comfy corner bench for seating but also the drawers with black knobs underneath can hide kitchen equipment. The bench and cabinetry painting are different to define space.

A Wooden Corner Bench Seating

This is an interesting simple design for a drawer at the end of a minimalist wooden bench. This wooden corner seating is a nice choice to keep the simplicity at your home.

Striped Cushions for Corner Bench

The bold green striped cushions can complete this white corner bench seating with storage. Since other features have neutral and soft colors, the green stripes will be more attractive and decorative.

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