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traditional kitchen with wood floor, dark wood cabinet, soft light brown backsplash Barbra Bright Design

Traditional Kitchen With Dark Floor, Dark Wood Cabinet, Dark Wood Island, White Pendant
Transitional Kitchen With Grey Wood Floor, Dark Wood Cabinet, Dark Wood Island,
Traditional Kitchen With Dark Floor, White Island With Dark Wood Counter Top, Dark Wood Cabinet, White Ceiling With Wood Beam
Traditional Kitchen With Dark Wood Flooring, Dark Wood Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Pendant
Contemporary Kitchenwith Dark Brown Cabinet, Black Islan, White Stonebacksplash, Wood Floor, White Pendant Lamps
Contemporary With Dark Cabinet, Dark Island With White Counter Top, White Pendant, Blue Navy Chair
Traditional Kitchen With Wood Flooring, Dark Wood Cabinet, Dark Wood Island, Tiles In Island, Tiles In Backsplash
Traditional Kitchen With Wood Floor, Dark Wood Cabinet, Soft Light Brown Backsplash
Modern Kitchen With White Island, Dark Wood Cabinet, Wooden Floor, Light Backsplash,white Pendant
Kitchen With Woode Laminated Floor, Dark Brown Cabinet, Dark Brown Island With White Counter Top, White Chairs, Blue Pendant Lights, One Side Of The Wall Painted Blue.

To balance a light and soft wall, you can use dark wood furniture. With dark wood furniture you will be able to protect from the dirt that would be easily seen if you use light wood furniture instead. It will protect you from having furniture that becomes shabby fast. It is a good trick to have in the kitchen as cooking can make a mess more than you imagine. Thus, having dark wood kitchen cabinet might be a really good idea. If you are looking for dark wood kitchen cabinet either to balance your color palette or to have the protection, or you just want it, here below are some ideas.

Not So Dark Wooden Cabinet

If you are afraid of having too dark cabinet because you want to keep it soft, not too bold, you can try this kind of tone in the picture. It’s not light but it is not too dark either. And it complements the wooden furniture around it too.

Dark Ebony Stain

The cabinet in the picture is very beautiful. If you are ready for darker cabinet, this one with ebony stain will look perfect if you like the artsy finish on the wood that will make your kitchen does not feel so dark.

Traditional Dark Wood Cabinet

This traditional dark wood cabinet look simple and the sink and counter top enunciates the darkness of the color that makes it go pretty with the surrounding as well as the living room it opens to.

Dark Cabinet Matches the Floor

If you think dark furniture will darken your kitchen, you can complement your dark cabinet with white cabinet or, like in this picture, white island. With white furniture, the color in your kitchen will not be washed out.

Dark Cabinet and Tiles

The other thing to do when you are afraid that you will get your kitchen too dark or you get bored easily is by having tiles in the kitchen. You can place it the wall under the wall cabinet or you can also put it in the island.

Blue Touch

Having dark cabinet can bring the old rustic feeling to your room. If you think it will drain out the color of your room, you will probably like the picture’s idea by painting one side of the room with electric blue. This color can balance the dark color. And to make it more beautiful, the owner put blue fixture light and some blue ceramic too.

Dark Cabinet in Airy Room

If you have big and airy room, you will not have to be afraid that you will make your kitchen dark. In fact, having dark wood kitchen cabinet might make the kitchen have the contrast. The white furniture will look even brighter.

Getting Darker and Darker

In this picture you can see that the cabinet is in dark brown while the island is in black. The color is dark already but that is not a problem because the wood floor is light and varied enough to bring the color to the kitchen. The wall and backsplash are also light even though they are still in the same soft brown-y hint.

All Dark Cabinet

The kitchen in this picture is long and big. And even though the floor is already quite dark, the owner is still bold enough to bring even darker cabinet without being afraid it will wash out the color. However, to think about it, the light pinkish stone color in the backsplash, the wall, and the ceiling helps it a lot.

Black and White Kitchen

In this kitchen, with white background, the cabinet is so dark it’s almost black. These two tones complement each other. The white color makes the dark color even darker and vice versa.

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