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bedroom with wooden floor, wooden wall, square glass window, wooden table, low bed, pillows, grey rug Flickr

Dining Nook By The Window, White Floating Bench, Green Cushion, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Beige Wall, Pendant, Large Window
Large Glass Windows On The Bedroom With Some Small Rows Vertically On The Side, Wooden Floor, Wooden Rocking Chair, Wooden Platform With Bed Cushion
Dining Nook By The Window, Tall Glass Window, Wooden Window In The Middle, Wooden Floor, Floating Table, Yellow Stools, White Pendant
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Square Glass Window, Wooden Table, Low Bed, Pillows, Grey Rug
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, Shower In The Ceiling, Grey Bathroom Vanity, Mirror, Sliding Glass Door, Outdoor Shower
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Floating Seat, Glass Window, Grey Wall, Coffee Table, Black Stone Wall, Fireplace
Playroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Toy, Wooden Study Table, Blue Chair, Large Glass Windows With Box Window Nook
Large Windows On A Living Room With Light Brown Floor, Large Square Window, Cushion, White Chairs
Cornered Window Nook In Triangle, Wooden Wall, Wooden Beam Ceiling, Green Cushion, Grey Floor, Glass Ceiling
Kitchen, White Wall, White Kitchen Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Subway Backsplash

As the eco-friendly awareness is really happening, we should all see how much we can do in our daily life. We can try to live less waste and cut down our shopping urge. And we can also try to save some energy in our house by doing some beauty hacks. You get the beauty and you get the benefits too. One of the tricks that you can do is by installing large glass window to the rooms in your house. This way, you will have bright light, friendlier approach, and less stress (if you have a really beautiful view outside). Here below are some examples on how large glass window affect the rooms.

Glass Windows in the Bedroom
Glass window is such a great privilege you can add to your bedroom. With glass window, your room will easily look bright since dawn to twilight. Not only that it uses less energy, it also brings in a wonderful view from outside to the bedroom. The setting of glass window in this one here especially is interesting and sweet.

Comfortable Viewing
In this bedroom, the square glass window is not too big. Contrary to the previous one, in this one, the window is quite medium and positioned quite low on the wall. With this setting, it will be perfect if the bed is set on the floor. It would be a great place to daydream and enjoy your day while relaxing.

Unique Corner
For corners in your home that you want to use, a window nook like this one can be an option. In the corner, the glass window creates its own angle that enables you to see the outside view more freely, not to mention the view from the ceiling.

Glass Window in Living Room
In the living room, large glass window can function as a source of light too. With maximum level of light, living room would be bright and inviting for everyone in the house. With open look, living room would be friendlier.

In the Playroom
Glass window brings more fun in the ambiance of the room. Thus, in a kid’s playroom, glass window brings comfort to the children. It teaches the children to be open too. And with window nook as comfortable as this one, you can read books in a perfectly comfortable seat.

Natural Living Room
This living room can show you how natural vibe has touched all aspect here, from the wooden floor, black stone wall, wooden floating bench, and the large glass window that brings the view even closer.

Fresh Dining Room
In the dining room, a large glass window brings its own charm. As dining room is expected to be full of people, having glass window would add more spacious feeling and fresh vibe.

Warm Dining and Kitchen
For small space, large glass window can help to make the room to look brighter and to have wider perspective. This one here has a refreshing look with tall windows with wooden windows in the middle that brings unique and warm feeling.

Modern Kitchen
Kitchen is another room where people love to gather around. Adding large glass window can help the room look less cramped. when the window can be open, you can let the better air circulation to your room.

In the Bathroom
Adding glass window or door in the bathroom might not be everybody’s choice as some people prefer to have enough privacy in the bathroom. But if you love to have free feeling, adding sliding glass door to your outdoor shower might help your indoor shower looks brighter too.

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