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dining room, wooden floor, white wall, white table with sturdy legs, rattan chairs, wooden chair with white cushion, rattan pendant My Scandinacian Home

Dining Room, Herringbone Floor, Pink Wall, Ret Rug, White Rug, Red Table, Rattan Chairs, Moroccan Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Red Rug, White Wall, Exotic Chandelier, Wooden Table, Patterned Stool
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Wall Decoration, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Brown Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Table With Sturdy Legs, Rattan Chairs, Wooden Chair With White Cushion, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Oval Dining Table, Blue Midcentury Modern Chairs, Wooden Cabinet, White Cabinet, Plant
Dining Room, Blue Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Bench With Green Cushion, Colorful Rug
Dining Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Wooden Diign Table, Blue Red Metal Chairs, Patternd Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Cabinet With Details
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Wall, Brown Pendant, Wooden Table, Red Chairs, Fire Place
Dining Room, Grey Concrete Floor, White Wlal, White Bench With Brown Cushion, Wooden Bench, Colorful Chairs, Rattan Pendant
Dining Room, Round Table, Red Yellow Chairs, Moroccan Pendant,

Exotic look is so amazing with all the colors that will energize you and your friends and family. Not only that it is fun, but it is also warm, it is like a silent invitation to others. Exotic look also does not always mean bright and vibrant colored room but it can be a simple room with natural look that will remind you of the beach you go at holiday. Putting it in the dining room will enhance the fun and warm vibe in the room. And here below are some incredible exotic dining room you will find refreshing that you want to redo yours.

African Exotic
Exotic look can be inspired from the hot place like Africa. And if you like the natural and neutral look with wood and unique details, you would love African look. This one here brings a simple dining room with African exotic vibe, especially seen in the wall decoration.

Rustic Exotic Look
Some exotic look loves to highlight the dark side of the natural look. And that would make it little rustic, as seen in this one below. The dark wall brings a mysterious aura while the neutral dining set looks simple.

Exotic Details
This one here puts a simple setting with square table surrounded by small stools with patterned cushion. However, the details on the table, stools, rug and wall decoration is merry and fun that it does not look that simple, especially with a unique chandelier above.

Moroccan Pendant
In a simple dining set, one detail can be added to make the dining set look more exotic. This one puts out a pretty Moroccan pendant that goes along with the chairs and the decoration at the back.

Merry Dining Room
This dining room shows its exotic sense in the Moroccan pendant and the arch at nook. The vibrant red color brings even more exotic look along with the rattan chairs. The soft pink wall makes a nice background too.

Bright Combination
In this modern dining room, the lean and clean lines look so pretty by itself. The light blue midcentury modern chairs look strong in here too. However, the bright patterned rug gives an exotic base to the dining set. And to make it more fun and exotic, a quite tall indoor plants freshen the room well.

Airy and Beautiful
Adding exotic look is so amazing when you have large space and enough light. All the bright colors and details on the wood look so brilliant in the room. In this one here, the bright rug and pendant especially look so vibrant among the raw wooden look furniture.

Colorful Chairs
In this beautiful nook, a simple look is seen to some extent. The addition of the colorful chairs makes the room feels more alive here.

Tropical Dining Room
While the other looks amazing with colors, this one manages to look airy and tropical with natural material and white colored wall and table. The glass window lightens the overall room in the best way.

Modern Tropical
This one here is also one of the dining room that has simple details that shows the tropical look but manage to looks tropical enough. With blue wall and wooden dining set and floor, this room can be an easy modern room. However, the rug and blanket over the bench give the room all the bright fun.

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