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patio, white blue plaid floor, blue wall, pink wall, blue bench with pink cushion, round wooden slab, sconces Jacquelyn Clark

Patio, White Blue Plaid Floor, Blue Wall, Pink Wall, Blue Bench With Pink Cushion, Round Wooden Slab, Sconces
Patio, Orange Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Trees
Patio, Brown Floor, Orange Pink Wall, White Rattan, Pots
Patio, Wooden Floor, Stone Bench, White Wall, Floating Shelf, Red Rattan Chair
Patio, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Wall, Rattan Bench With Green Cushion, Rattan Round Rug, Wooden Side Table, Rattan Pendant, Plants, Floating Shelves
Patio, White Floor, Pink Wall, White Stones Bench, Striped Pink Cushion, Pink Pots
Patio, Wooden Floor, Orange Wall, White Wall, Rattan Pots, Black Tray Coffee Table
Patio, Plants And Trees, Wooden Chair With Plants Pattern, Rattan Swing With Plants Cushion, Rattan Coffee Table, Rattan Rug, Plant Rug
Patio, Green Rug, Yellow Rug, Plants, Green White Bench
Patio, Patterned Rug, Rattan Chair, Leather Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, Yellow Wall

If you have some space at the back of your house, you would love to create an interesting and relaxing patio so that you can have a private outdoor space. Having fresh space with direct sunlight would make your house feel more cheerful and fun. If that’s what you really want to have, you might need to decorate a more colorful space with more details and patterns. If that is what you are looking for, this below is a compilation of beautiful patios you would love to get some inspirations from.

Exotic Blue and Pink
This patio makes a beautiful private space at the back. Its simple blue and pink combination makes a beautiful contrast while the sconces give beautiful details beautifying the dark blue and pretty pink wall.

Warm Orange
If you want to have a warm and cheerful look in the patio, you would love to have warm orange in the space. This one here puts orange boldly on the wall and combines it with natural touches of plants and bohemian details on the ottoman, accessories and pillows.

Natural Patio
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts natural details on the patio, seen in the pendant, rug, table and the rattan bench. This natural details look matching perfectly well with the fresh ambiance of trees and white and green wall.

Natural Patterns
Still in the natural details, this one executes a fun natural ambiance with plants and trees on the back and plants and trees on the cushion pattern. The rattan swing and coffee table makes stronger natural points along with the wooden chair.

In the Middle of the Forest
This patio looks so intense with trees and plants around. The patterned rugs give colorful touches to the patio along with the rattan and wooden chairs. This simple setting has a strong impression despite the easy pull off.

Bohemian Patio
Natural look is closely related to bohemian look. And it is easy to overlap between these two. This one here shows how pretty and easy to add natural look and create a bohemian look as well.

Orange Bohemian
This is another warm orange look in the patio. The plants look so easy with orange background and bohemian accessories on the wall. The brown floor tiles bring its own natural look with warm ambiance.

Green on White
This patio brings out fresh look by pronouncing green trees on the floating shelves and painting them on the neutral white wall. The stone bench give a great accent and match to the natural looking patio.

Pinkish Fresh
If you love to add some sweet and blushed ambiance, you might love pink wall on your patio, like this one here. The cage bench with white stones make a creative and unique look in this bench while the striped cushion give a pretty and comfortable seat. Combined with pink pots above, the patio looks absolutely adorable.

Warm and Bold
With orange wall, this open and private patio looks rich and warm. The details on the table and ottoman makes a beautiful place here.

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