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8 colorful floating ivar cabinet on white wall, wooden floor, rattan hanging chair Bolig Magasinet

8 Colorful Floating Ivar Cabinet On White Wall, Wooden Floor, Rattan Hanging Chair
White Floating Cabinet On White Bedroom, White Floor, White Walls, White Metal Platform
Beige Floating IVAR Cabinet, Beige Wall, Grey Flooring
Plain Wooden Floating Cabinet With White Floating Shelves, White Walls, Wooden Floor
Grey Floating Ivar Cabinet In Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, Grey Floating Shelves
Floating Ivar Cabinet With Artistic Pink, White, Blue Colors On White Wall, Grey Floor, White Sofa
Black Floating Cabinet, Beige Wall, Wooden Floor, Black Sconce, Black Floor Lamp, Wooden Modern Chair
Colorful Floating Ivar Cabinet On The Wall, Wooden Floor, Stool, Basket, Wooden Box
Ivar Cabinet In Plain, Installed Floating Upon White Wall, Wooden Floor
Soft Blue Floating Ivar Cabinet On Off White Wall, Wooden Floor

IKEA Ivar Cabinet has been hitting popularity since it is launched. Pinterest has been full of the pictures of this cabinet in a really interesting installment, whether in color or in placement. With so many creativity overflowing from so many people, let’s see ten possible hacks that you can do to your own cabinet from the pictures below.

Plain Wood
When it comes in plain, it can be really endearing for those who love neutral things. This one here stays on neutral wood color. Upon the white wall, it looks minimalist and gorgeous.

A Line of Cabinets
While the previous one only has two floating cabinets, this one here has a line of it. And that makes the top of it enables you to put your accessories like in shelves. Seen here, while the cabinet is installed floating, shelves are also installed floating above.

White Cabinet
The best thing about the cabinet is that you can paint it to another color that will match your room. Seen here, the cabinet is painted white to look great with the white painted room.

Grey Paint
In order to make it blend with the wall, this one here is painted the same. With the same paint, it makes the room feels more minimalist and larger. Even the floating shelves above are also painted in the same color.

Neutral Beige
The best thing about floating cabinet is that it helps you to get an interesting look, and it offers you a hidden storage under the cabinet, just like this one here.

Painted Black
To create a bold yet deep color, black is the best choice. While it is good to put it in the same dark surrounding, put it on wall with contrast color is interesting too. It shows more characters from all the color. Combined with black sconce and black floor lamp like this, it looks elegant yet modern.

Getting Blue
This one is another one with different color from the wall. Yet painted not in bold color does not make this one looks too strong. In fact, this mellow blue looks so pretty against this off white wall.

Subtle Colorful
This one here is more on the fun boat. With four different colors on the cabinet, it makes the wall looks cheerful. Although, it still maintain in soft colored ones that it blends well with the neutral surrounding.

Bold Colors
In bolder note than the previous one, this one here gives a braver and more fun feeling to the room. With this contrast to one color to another, it looks so amazing, although for some room it might be too much. However, some room needs this kind of contrast that screams fun.

Artistic Fun
This one is another fun look from Ivar cabinet. Stack in four, this one here has artistic stroke fro the left side to the right. It gives the room the fun and makes the room feels more alive. It is soft yet it moves the child we have inside.

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