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rustic built in ground hot tub with tall stone wall and cedar wood ceiling New Hampshire Interior Design

Rustic Built In Ground Hot Tub With Tall Stone Wall And Cedar Wood Ceiling
Rustic Hot Tub With Stone Wall High In One Side And Half Wall In Front, Glass Ceiling
Asian Built In Ground Hot Tub With Black Metal Fence
Hot Tub In Three Level Decking From Wood, Surrounded By Wood Fence
Hot Tub Near The Pool With White Pergola With Curtain
Green Wall To Cover Hot Tub In Green Mosaic Tiles
Built In Ground Hot Tob In White Stones, Surround By Wood Fence
Redwood Hot Tub Outside The Master Bathroom With Vertical Wood Railing
Hot Tub In The Deck And Cover It With Wood Rail Half Up And Wooden Ceiling
Hot Tub With With Ipe Decking, Concrete Counter, Cedar Pergola, Tempered Glass Panels And Firepit

Some people like to have their hot tub open, both in nature and sometimes in people’s eyes too. But not all people feel comfortable with that. Some people love to enjoy their hot tub in more private area. Some people do not like to expose their body even though they are not naked. If you love to have your hot tub out in natural air but you want to keep it private, these ideas below might be perfect for you.

Low Wooden Rail

In this picture, the area of hot tub is just outside the master bathroom. This area is surrounded by vertical wood rail in one side and sliding window in one side. Although it is not full covered, and it’s only half wall, when you sit on the hot tub, it will be just enough to cover your comfortable time.

Put It in Safe Place

If you think the ground is not high enough, you can move your hot tub to the deck and make sure it’s not near your neighbor yard. If you want to make it more private, you can make a walk-in room made from wood rail and ceiling too.

Make Special Room

You can also make a room, without ceiling and door so it can open to nature, just for your hot tub. With wood fence it will be closely protected. And you can add shower and toilet near the area too, just like this picture.

In Ground Hot Tub

If you have planned for a long time that you will have a hot tub in your back yard, you might try this one. By building your hot tub built in ground, the yard will not look too crowded. As for the protection of private area, you can use wood fence too.

Asian Hot Tub Private Area

This one is also built in ground, the kind of hot tub you don’t just buy anywhere. And with this small space, having built in ground hot tub might be the best decision. The cover for this private space is black metal fence that has created enough protection.

Covered in Blue Tempered Glass

This one is another way to protect your private place, by putting tempered glass surround it. It can protect you from curious eyes of outsider. And if it’s still not enough, you can pull the curtain and you’ll be safe.

Green Private Space with Hot Tub

This one is beautiful nobody will ever say no to have a long good time with lavender oil in it. The side is lining with green mosaic tile. The hot tub stands in grey pebble that lines in its side. The cover for this hot tub is half wall painted green in the inside.

Rustic Stones Hot Tub

This is another beautiful hot tub built in ground. The coverage is stone wall tall enough to protect the private space. And the cedar ceiling also gives more security for you who like to enjoy your time in a really private space.

Hot Tub near the Pool

This is perfect for a summer night when people who love to swim can get together with people who like to have conversation in more calming hot tub. However, when the event is closed, one might want to have more private time. For that, the curtain is ready to pull so that no one feel uncomfortable.

Rustic Hot Tub in Snowy Weather

This one is another beautiful rustic hot tub private space. The stone wall is high on three sides while the front side is only half wall. But if your view is a beautiful valley, you might not object.

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