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traditional wooden japanese soaking tub with showers Robert's Hot Tubs

Japanese Style Step Up Soaking Tub In Farmhouse Bathroom
Circular Copper Japanese Style Bath With Cabinetry
Contemporary Step Down Bathroom In Japanese Style
Outdoor Japanese Style Hot Tub Near Swimming Pool
Natural Stone Japanese Hot Bath Tub In Outdoor
Oval Japanese Style Bathup In En Suite Bathroom
Traditional Wooden Japanese Soaking Tub With Showers
Contemporary Step Down Bathroom In Japanese Style
Oval Japanese Style Bathup In En Suite Bathroom For Couple
Oval Japanese Style Bathup In En Suite Bathroom

Japanese people appreciate water so much and bathing is a kind of ritual. It is not meant for only cleaning but rather for warming self or relaxation. This is reflected through their soaking tub style. Differs from Western-style bathtub, Japanese-style bathtub is smaller, deeper, square-shaped, and mostly made of wood which can naturally warm the water up. It also has steep in its side as its distinctive characteristic. Yet, Japanese-style is now remodeled and modified to advance the design and function. Today you can find many types of Japanese-style soaking tub with various materials, shapes, and colours as these following examples.

Traditional Japanese-Style Soaking Tub

This is the traditional style, the closest one to the original model. Because this soaking tub is basically for relaxation than for taking a bath, the cleaning should be done before getting in the tub. Thus shower is provided nearby.

Modern Ofuro in En Suite Bathroom for Couple or Family Spa

The original model is functioned for family bathing. That’s why this remodeled tub is created in larger size so that the function remain fulfilled. Yet, to add the modernity it is placed in an en suite room for couple or family so that they can experience personal spa everyday.

Outdoor Bathroom Concept with Japanese Style

Outdoor bathing is good for health. This rectangle wooden soaking tub in Japanese style can help you find the best relaxation with good nuance of natural view around your house.

Stone Hot Tub for Natural Accent

Pay a rock sculptors to build you a Japanese style outdoor hot tub. You will not regret it because this hot tub really brings the accent of natural look in your house. In addition, you do not need any heater because the stone naturaly provide you warmth under the sunshine.

Circular Copper Japanese Style with Cabinetry

Circular copper bath tub in Japanese style is perfect for your unique style. You can place cabinetry nearby to maximize the function of your small bathroom.

Unique White Porcelain Soaking Tub

Bathroom is symbol for personal hygiene. This Japanese style soaking tub is redesigned to emphasize cleanliness by using white porcelain material. Its simplicity also makes your bathroom look so elegant.

Contemporary Step Down Bathtub

For beach houses, Japanese style soaking tub is modified into step-down tub. It is combined with large glass window so that bathers can enjoy the tranquility of the view outside.

Step Up Soaking Tub

Unlike the previous one, this Japanese style is modified into step up bath tub. But the concept of enjoying view through glass window is almost the same. Mostly, this model is applied in houses with garden or backyard rather than beach houses.

Outdoor Japanese-style Hot Tub Near Rustic Swimming Pool

In fact, Japanese style soaking tub is also perfect to accompany your swimming pool. You can use natural stone material so that it produce natural warmth for the water. You can choose, swimming or just relaxing at the same place.

Elliptical Stainless Steel Bathtub in Japanese Style

This Japanese-style soaking tub is remodeled in oval shape. Unlike the original, this is made of stainless steel. This model suits best in en suite bathroom or spa houses.

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