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dark warm orange sofa and chairs, mint green wainscoting, grey wall, grey marble coffee table, wooden floor, orange pendant Style by Emily Henderson

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Round Coffee Table, White Wall, Interesting Chandelier, Golden Sofa, Cream Chairs
Dark Warm Orange Sofa And Chairs, Mint Green Wainscoting, Grey Wall, Grey Marble Coffee Table, Wooden Floor, Orange Pendant
Living Room, White Wall, Green Bottom Wall, Wooden Floor, Yellow Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Black Framed Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, White Side Table, Light Orange Sofa, Blue Stools, Striped Rug, Black Coffee Table
Living Room, Dark Grey Wall, Light Wooden Floor, Bright Orange Sofa, Glass Top Coffee Table
Light Orange Sofas, Golden Low Stool, Teal Wall, Glass Floor Lamp, Blue Rug, Grey Seamless Floor
Curvy Lean Orange Sofa With Tufted, White Wainscoting, Glass Round Coffee Table, Black Floor Lamp
Orange Sofa With Rufted Back, Navy Chairs, Black Round Coffee Table, Cream Wall, Brown Glass Chandelier
Living Room, Dark Blue Wall, Grey Seamless Floor, Rugs, Orange Sofa,
Living Room, Cream Brown Yellow Rug, Grey Marble Side Table, Grey Wall, Golden Floor Lamp With White Cover, Orange Leather Sofa

Many people think that a living room should be warm as it is a place to gather among friends and family. That is why, many people prefer to decorate a living room with warm touches, like warm colored chairs and sofas. These one below give comfortable and warm examples in orange sofa and the combination it can make. If you also prefer the same thing, you would love these ten comfortable looking sofas in your living room as well.

Tufted Orange
In this comfortable living room, the neutral surrounding makes a nice background to add something bold and strong like this one shows. Adding warm orange tufted sofa, the room is lit up instantly. The brown bulb chandelier, warmth is sent perfectly well.

Modern Tufted Sofa
If you want to add warmth in the modern room, something lean with clean curve like this one can be one of the best options. With bold orange, this one is also perfect for vintage or rustic look. With glass round coffee table, this living room looks warm and light at the same time.

Light Orange Sofa
This comfortable setting is a combination of warm green paint on the wall and light orange sofa. Having two sofas, the warmth is doubled in this room. The paintings on the wall create a fun look along with the indoor plants.

Warm Gold
This living room puts a really luxurious look by putting warm golden sofa in the middle of white background seen in the wall. The interesting chandelier and distorted mirror puts an expensive look in this living room.

Bold Orange
While the previous ones look warm and soft, this one here looks bold and strong with bright orange sofa in the middle of dark blue wall. The neutral seamless floor pronounced this neon orange to look even brighter.

Yellow Orange
Light orange sofa like this one blends well with the soft green wall and the neutral wooden floor while also puts some warmth to the space.

Orange Leather
Adding warmth can be done with choosing the right texture and material, beside choosing the color. This one puts orange leather sofa with tufted surface. This creates a comfortable look that in line with soft grey wall and cream rug.

Yellow Sofa
A pale yellow can be an interesting color in adding warmth. Combined with strong green on the wall and wooden floor and coffee table, this yellow sofa looks soft and cute.

Bright Yellow
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one here puts bright orange sofa among the dark wall and light wooden floor that makes it look even brighter. This dark and neutral setting puts the bright orange sofa in the center of anyone’s eye.

Dark Warmth
The sight in this one is beautiful with dark and warmth combination. The dark and warm orange sofa blends perfectly with the dark wooden chairs with sweet curve. This dark orange chairs match the orange pendant above.

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