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maroon round and a half chair with three pillows Houzz

Cream Round Chair And A Half With Tufted Button
Half Circular Beige One And A Half Chair With Stainless Steel Support
Red Leather Round Chair And A Half
Modern Rattan Chair With White Cushion And Pillows And Retractable Sun Cover
Brown Mocca Coffee Round A Chair And A Half Pillows
Brown Round A Chair And Half With Glass Tray Holder In The Left Adn Cupholder In The Right And Two Accent Pillows And Ottoman
Black Round Chair And A Half With Grey Cushion And Swuare Pillows
Beige Round A Chair And A Half With Turted Crystal
Maroon Round And A Half Chair With Three Pillows
Dark Brown A Chair And A Hald

There are lots of a chair and half that you can find in stores. But you cannot always find the round one. However, if you look closely, you can see how beautiful they are. As always, there are so many types or model that can meet your preferences, either in shape, materials, or color. However, by scrutinizing the designs existed in, you will learn what your preference better. And you can start by looking at the designs here.

White Round Half and a Chair with Retractable Sun Cover

If you are a person who loves to see nature in your home, you would like to have this rattan chair and a half. With its white cushion and retractable sun cover, you can put it as a chair in your living room or as your patio furniture.

Teddy Round Brown Chair

The thing about a chair and a half is that people demand comfort from it. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot go formal with it. This one is an example how a chair and a half can be more uptight too.

Entertainment Center Compliment

For those who like to function a chair and a half as a comfortable chair will love to have this one in the picture. The dark brown pillows and cushion are smooth and soft. And you can have cup holder in the right and a mini glass table in your left to hold your snacks.

Bold Red Round Chair

When a room is in white or pale color arrangement and you got bored, putting this bold red round chair might be a really good step to make it brighter.

Brown Leather

It was classy with the brown leather upholstery that is set with tufted crystal. It looks like a flower ready to hold you when you need comfort in your day.

Mini Red Leather

When people think of a chair and a half, people might think of big round chair although, it doesn’t have to be big. With medium size, you can still have it. Like this one in the picture with its read leather.

Dark Night Round

People usually use black when they try to find elegance. And if you think the same way too, you will find that this one is nice too. With dark grey cushion and white-black-grey plaid pillow, it is not too dark.

White Cream Comfortable Chair

This one is really pretty. You can put it in your living room or bedroom and nothing it will do unless making your room more beautiful. Its color and the tufted accent is simple yet elegant.

Coffee in Chair

For those who love coffee can relate how this chair reminds you of coffee color. The sofa itself is in dark brown, while the cushion is in lighter shade and the pillows are in the shade of several kinds of brown.

Taupe Spinning Chair

This one is in the shade of taupe, one of the most popular colors in the market now. Its neutral feeling brought your room to the same ambiance.

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