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black leather sofa with mahogany finish Houzz

Black Leather Sora With Tufted Back And Tufted Low Part Of The Couch And Large Arms
Black Leather Sofa With Mahogany Finish
Black Leather Sofa With Silver Metal Legs
Black Leather Sofa With 6 Shaped Arms
Circular Sectional Black Leather Sofa With Circular Ottoman
Black Leather Sofa With Stainless Steel Base
Black Leather Sofa With Tufted Button And Stainless Steel Legs
Black Leather Sofa With Loose Back Cushions, Toss Pillows And Thin Line Seat Cushions And Stainless Steel Legs
Black Leather Slopping Sofa
Black Leather Sofa With Tufted Back And Wooden Edges

Black has been a favorite color for so many people. Black, people say, has protection. It protects you from what the world want to know about your feeling, your weight, and for good reasons, it also protects you from the dirt. With black furniture, if there is dirt or bump that the furniture has, black hide it. That is why having black furniture might be the safest choice for some people. If you are considering black sofa for your living room, you might want to take a look at these sofas. All is in leather upholstery, another thing that protects you from dirt.

Black Tufted Sofa

This one, although it is in the darkest color, it still has pretty accent with its button and aluminium legs.

Black Smooth Sofa

Unlike the previous one, this one looks smoother without tufted accent. This three seats sofa has sleek feeling on it, not to mention its aluminium base.

Classic Black

Without black color, this sofa model has been classic enough. But with black leather and tufted buttons, it looks beautiful classic.

Sloping Sofa

Although it is in the darkest shade ever had, the creator of this sofa doesn’t lose idea to make this sofa look really comfortable and expensive.

Upright Classic

This one is really beautiful. If you love antique furniture, you can try having something like this.

Black Round Sofa

This one is really comfortable. You can see that the sofa can be arranged as bed but if you want to part all the parts, you can have round sofa with black ottoman.

circular sectional black leather sofa with circular ottoman

EuroLux Furniture

Simple Thin

This one is really simple. The legs are straight and the body is also straight with cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable.

Black Unique Twirl

With arm rests that twirl, this sofa looks pretty and elegant. The sofa has this black and silver aluminum accent.

Fluffy Black Leather

With its soft and thick cushion, this sofa looks really comfortable. The design is also sleek and elegant.

Leather and Wood

If you’re afraid of going too dark, you can try a sofa which mixes black with another. Take for example is this one. It mixes its dark color with polished wood paint in maroon.

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