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Without doubt, light gray is an awesome color and it can help make rooms including kitchens with varied designs look awesome. The color can be combined with varied other colors on varied things and the kitchens below display just how awesome the color will be when combined with the right colors that help maximize its potentials.

Combined with a Lot of Wood

When combined with a lot of wood like in this kitchen, a light gray kitchen cabinet can create a nice look that makes the room exude elegance.

Combined with Artistic Items

A light grey cabinet can also collaborate well with artistic items to create a look that can’t be found in other kitchens like the one the kitchen below has.

Dominating the Room

When their color dominates the room, light gray cabinets can also give the room an awesome look that make other kitchen’s looks pale in comparison.

Combined with Light Brown

Light gray and light brown surprisingly suit each other very well and the combination of the two is best displayed by the amazing look of this captivating kitchen.

In a Brightly Beautiful Kitchen

Used in a brightly beautiful kitchen, the color sure goes well with other things in the room including the stunning glass top dining table and elegance-exuding wooden dining chairs.

In a Modern Style

Light gray cabinets will also look awesome when they’re used in a modern style kitchen and are combined with modern style items like a modern dining table, modern dining chairs, and more.

In a Simple yet Modern Kitchen

As light gray is a color that suits a modern style well, light gray cabinets will look breathtaking when used in a simple yet modern kitchen like this one.

In an L-shaped Kitchen

An l-shaped kitchen can make a good use of light gray and the l-shaped kitchen below is one of the best examples of that.

Tall Light Grey Cabinet

Take a peek at this tall light grey cabinet if you’re considering using a light grey cabinet in your kitchen. This cabinet definitely fits in and it offers both functions and looks to the kitchen’s owners.

With Sparks of Luxury

Using a number of decorations with designs related to marine life and varied items that exude luxury, this kitchen sure knows how to combine a light grey cabinet with things that go well with it.

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