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black bar with whtie top added to wooden look kitchen with pendants, black steel stool Habitat

Black Bar With Whtie Top Added To Wooden Look Kitchen With Pendants, Black Steel Stool
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Bottom Upper Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, White Marble Backsplash, Pendant, Rattan Shade
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Wall, Three Windows, Three Sconces, Clear Glass Pendant, White Top, Wooden Stool, Floating Shelves
Small Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Cabinet And Pantry, Wooden Upper Cabinet, Pendants, Ceiling Lamp, Floating Shelves, Grey Stool
Kitchen Bar With White Floor, White Kitchen, White Bar With Wooden Top, Black Different Pendants, Black Stools
Kitchen Bar, Marble Floor, Wooden Wall, Black Marble Bar With White Tiles On Its Front, Black Shelves On The Back, Pendants, Stools
Dark Wooden Bar Box With Glass Shelves, Cabinet, Marble Top, Black Pendant
Kitchen, Beige Floor Tiles, White Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Beam, Wooden Post, White Cabinet Wooden Kitchen Top, White Wire Steel Chairs
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall And Bar With Black Top, White Cabinet, Subway Backsplash Tiles, Black Kitchen Top
Bar With Dark Blue Shelves On The Back, Wooden Floor Tiles, Blue Island With White Top, Wooden Partition, Pendants, Black Steel Stools

If you have your own culture with liquor, you might want to add special corner to facilitate your liquor in your home. You can add liquor bar in your home, a special place where you can have your own time to enjoy and relax. Of course, a place where you can relax with your friend and colleagues too. However, if you don’t have the space, combining it with kitchen can be great ideas. Below are some stunning look of bar-whether it’s combined with kitchen or not.

Manly Bar
If you love to be in a bar with strong and modern vibe, this one here offers you exactly those things. Look sturdy with black marble bar, this bar corner is not at all bulky. It looks lean and simple in design. With LED lights on the bar especially, this bar corner looks strong and fun at the same time.

Folded Stool
This is for you who have limited space at home and you want to create a bar. Combining it with kitchen is one of the best way possible. And if you still think you need to save more space, this one here gives a great idea with its folded stool attached to the side of the bar. It is unique and practical.

Bar Box
This one shows you a private and dark bar box where you can enjoy your liquor in solemn place. With glass door on the shelves, the liquor you want can be stored and picked up easily.

Modern and Warm
This one here shows a comfortable bar with its warm wooden look. The smooth blue and white surface makes strong modern vibe to this place. Completed with steel stools and pendants, this bar looks so chic.

Black Hints
Similar to the second one, this one also adds the bar to the kitchen. The neutral white kitchen looks modern and minimalist. The added bar follows the kitchen’s ambiance in being minimalist and modern. The interesting look on the bar is the black hints on the pendants and stools.

Bar on Small Kitchen
This one here shows a minimalist and modern bar that closely attached to the small kitchen. Even for a kitchen with limited space like this, it can add a small area to enjoy liquor. The floating shelves near the bar is a great addition to the small bar.

Bar Addition
Similar to the previous one, this one here also create bar attached to the kitchen with high table and floating cabinet above the bar. The black and white bar is a great contrast to the neutral kitchen.

Being Together
Without separating the table and area, this one here is also a great place to relax and enjoy your liquor. With kitchen in front of you, it will add warmth and openness.

Open Package
Similarly, this one also brings openness to the room with kitchen, island/bar, and dining table all in one place. It feels like the room tries to assemble many people even with different needs.

On the Window
Window has been a great addition to a room, considering its functions. And this kitchen here has used it very well. Adding wooden board in front of the window has made it a great place to have your meals and drinks.

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