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kitchen, wooden cabinet, whtie subway backsplash, white floor, black pendants, modern framed pendants Fresh4Home

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Bottom Cabinet, White Subway Tiles, White Island, Black Stools
Kitchen, White Upper Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Pendants, Wooden Stools
Kitchen, Light Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Cabinet, White Marble Island, Black Stools, Glass Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Bottom Cabinet, White Island With Black Top, Black Wooden Stools With Rattan Seats And Back
Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, Patterned Accent Wall, Wooden White Floating Cabinet, Modern Framed Pendant, White Stools
Kitchen, Wooden Cabinet, Whtie Subway Backsplash, White Floor, Black Pendants, Modern Framed Pendants
Kitchen, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Grey Subway Tiles, White Upper Bottom Gloss Cabinet, Black Top, Black Stools
Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet With Black Top, Chopper Pendants, Wooden Stools,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Upper Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top Table, White Stools
Kitchen, Black Floor Tiles, White Subway Backsplash, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Bottom Cabinet, Black Stools

Tidy and clean is what you will get when you decorate your kitchen in modern look. And that is fitting perfectly ad no one would want their kitchen dirty. It is essential in cooking that you have your space clean. And tidy would only help you move more efficiently, too. The smoothness and sleekness of modern surface makes a beautiful characteristic as well. And if you want to find some inspirations in getting this beauty, you would love the compilation below.

Easy Breezy
This kitchen makes a bright and smooth look with its glossy black surface. This black top is simply combined with white cabinet and wooden and metallic accent in the pendants and stools. The large window brings in bright light to the kitchen and accentuate the room prettily.

Pretty White Natural
Although small, this kitchen has a really pretty setting. Combining white in the cabinet and island, this kitchen enriches the space with natural look on the floor, marble island, stools, and pendants.

Pretty Contrast
The modern look in this kitchen is strengthened with the beauty of contrast. The white glossy upper and bottom cabinet is combined with muted black top and dark stools. The grey-ish wooden floor puts a natural yet modern pattern to make the space more beautiful.

Modern White
If you love a modern look with minimalist accent, you might love this. The kitchen area itself looks so clean and charming with white on the upper and bottom cabinet and also on the backsplash. This area is prettified with simple pendants and ceiling lamp. Yet, the bar offers more fun note with wooden rattan stools.

Glimmering Modernity
In this small space, the kitchen makes a neutral and muted background with grey cabinet and white marble island but create an interesting glint on the pendants which has been refrelcted on the marble island.

Small Light
If you have tiny space to turn it into a kitchen, this corner kitchen offers a beautiful and efficient setting of a kitchen. With lots of lights, the space does not look gloomy and the open shelves help to give more space with an open and light feeling.

Openly White
As white is a great color to decorate a small room, it is a favorite. This one here puts not only white cabinet but also white subway backsplash tiles. It looks simple and bright.

Warm Circle
This small kitchen makes a smooth and clean ambiance with white upper and bottom cabinet. But it is combined with warm wooden top and floor that makes the space balanced and pretty with its simplicity.

Pretty Accents
This kitchen makes a beautiful look with accents on the patterned wall and on the wooden framed lining the white cabinet. It is is also seen in the island and the ceiling for pendants.

Breezy Kitchen
This is another breezy kitchen that looks so gorgeous. The glass wall gives off the maximum level of light that makes all the best part of the kitchen looks pronounced. The wooden cabinet, white floor, white wall, black pendants, and modern pendants are all pretty.

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