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living room, wooden floor, white wall, white cabinet with white rattan door, white table lamp, garland with flowers Monika Hibbs

Living Room,wooden Floor, White Wall, White Rug, White Brick Exposed Wall, Indented Fireplace, Leaves, Christmas Tree
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet With White Rattan Door, White Table Lamp, Garland With Flowers
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Fireplace, Garland, Rattan Box
Living Room, White Exposed Brick, Garland, White Woven Sock, Round Mirror,
Living Room, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Floor, White Fireplace, Garland, Round Ottoman
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Clear Bulb Pendant, White Black Fireplace, White Patterned Rug, Garland And Mistletoe
Living Room, Christmas, White Wall, Indented Shelves, White Fireplace, White Socks, Mistletoe, Leave, White Sofa White Round Ottoman
Living Room, White Wall, Black Fireplace, Garland, Candles
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Stool, Rattan Pot, Rattan Chair, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Garland, Wooden Cabinet, White Curtain, White Socks, White Pendant

In this holiday spirit, for those who celebrate Christmas, it becomes important to decorate your house to make the season feels even stronger and merrier, especially when your family and friends would come to your house to celebrate the moment. Putting pretty decoration would help your house to look even more fun and merry. This below is a compilation of ideas you might be able to use to prettify your living room in this season.

Simple Christmas Tree
Since it’s been introduced in 16th century, Christmas tree has been a symbol of Christmas celebration. Whether in a mall or in a house, it will feel so much more sacred and fun at the same time. This one here puts a pine tree without too much leaves and put it in a rattan pot, making it look interesting, both festive and natural.

Corner Fireplace
Having fireplace in the middle of the living room, like a center, has brought a traditional look in the room. Putting garlands on it would be predictable, but putting is only in one corner, it would give some little twist on it.

Around the Window
Another place that would look good with Christmas ornament is the window. This one shows how simple it is to put garland around the window and makes the room feel more alive. You don’t always need fireplace to hang your sock, simple a place high enough for the sock to hang is enough.

Little Candle
This fireplace has minimal ornaments but already gives off Christmas vibe. On top of it is small portion of garland and candles while also putting some socks on both corner.

Small Pine Tree
For those with minimalist room, a simple and small pine tree would be suffice. The white ornaments decorate and support the winter vibe. Stars ornaments on the wall make a matching and pretty view.

Around the Arch
Having an architectural privilege like an arch? Putting garland with pines would make it like a magical gate to a different world. Added with more garland and mistletoe, your room would feel so Chrismassy. This one even put tiny pine trees on rattan pot to make it even merrier.

Paper Garland
This living room has a fresh decoration with white wooden cabinet decorated with paper garland beautifully on top and on the wall. The little brown trees ornaments also look good and looking like light pine trees. This paper garlands would be perfect also for you who try to live more eco-friendly.

White Woven
This fireplace looks warm and traditional with the modern fireplace around the white exposed looking wall. The garlands make a pretty contrast with this whiteness and the white woven socks make even more traditional vibe.

Simple Corner
Similar to the second one, this one also puts a pretty look with garland in the corner of the fireplace. The rattan basket makes a nice and warm touch.

Only Leaves
This fireplace makes a white center with pretty details. The jutted garlands make a more dramatic effect, along the the one on the wall. This modern setting look warm with these.

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