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blue velvet sofa, blue velvet round ottoman, pink cushion, wooden floor, white console table, paintings, colorful rug Apartment Therapy

Electric Blue Velvety Sofa, White Patterned Rug, Pink Ottomans, White Wall, White Mable Coffee Table
Blue Velvet Sofa, Blue Velvet Round Ottoman, Pink Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Console Table, Paintings, Colorful Rug
Red Velvet Chair, Grey Sofa, Round Glass Coffee Table With Golden Lines, Black Chandelier
Purple Velvet Sofa, Colorful Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Fireplace, Grey Chairs
Light Blue Velvet Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Coffee Table, White Cabinet, White Floating Shelves
Yellow Velvet Sofa, Wooden Floor, Striped Rug, Side Table, Glss Wall
Blue Velvet Sofa, White Wall, Pictures, White Coffee Table, Wooden Chair, Golden Floor Lamp
Green Velvet Sofa, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Purple Velvet Chair, Glass Coffee Table, Paintings, White Wall
Pink Velvet Sofa, White Patterned Floor, White Wall, Glass Sconce, Glass Coffee Table
Blue Velvet Sofa In Living Room, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Glass Side Table With Golden Lines, Glass Coffee Table With Golden Lines

It would be great if you can bring out comfort and elegance in the living room effortlessly. You can try putting some warm color to help you create comfort. And you can add another thing for the elegance. However, if you want to have both by adding just one thing to the living room, you can add velvet sofa. With the smooth surface, it brings out comfort and elegance at one. Here below are ten stunning living room with velvet sofa for some inspirations.

Dark Velvet
In a natural or white surrounding, having something bold and contrast would make the room looks more lively. Here below combines the white and neutral surrounding with dark blue velvet sofa that makes the room more interesting with its comfort and grace.

Light Look
While neutral surrounding can make a nice contrast to the bold color, it can support the ambiance the light color has. This one here puts light blue sofa in the room and makes the other color looks supportive to it.

Modern Blue
This is another blue velvet sofa that successfully adds comfort and elegance to the space. Surrounded by paintings and colorful accessories, the room has an interesting vibe.

Velvety Surface
This living room has a very comfortable look created by smooth velvety surface of the sofa, the grey rug and the purple chair. These velvety surface has also brought elegance to the modern living room and also adds the warmth.

Electric Elegance
This spacious and impressive living room has a bold touch with blue velvet sofa combined with soft pink ottomans. The white patterned rug and white chairs make an interesting support to them too.

Red on Grey
This grey living room has an amazing look. The red velvet chairs make a wonderful touch to the room. Not only with chairs, red also comes to the pillows on the sofa that creates an even more interesting combination.

Blues on the Room
This one here puts not only one velvet touch but it also adds the blue round ottoman for the sofa’s matching companion. The pink surrounding complements the pastel wall and a nice contrast to the colorful rug.

Deep Purple
This velvety purple sofa is a perfect match for the calm and dark patterned rug on the floor. The grey chairs make a nice combination to the deep purple color. And white background is just what cannot go wrong.

Fun Velvet
As yellow is always seen as a bright and fun color, putting it in the living room would make the room looks bold. With velvet surface, it is not only fun but also expensive and comfortable, as seen in this one below.

Sweet Velvet
This living room has a perfectly sweet look with white surrounding and subtle patterned on the floor, as well as pink velvety sofa. The combination makes a beautiful sight that as well as comfortable setting to talk all night long.

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