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dining room, white small round dining table, wooden chair with rattan cushion, wooden floor Desire to Inspire

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Table, Black Wooden Chairs, White Table
Dining Room, White Small Round Dining Table, Wooden Chair With Rattan Cushion, Wooden Floor
Dining Room, White Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Dining Table, Wooden Chairs, White Wall, White Pendant
Dining Room, White Floor Tiles, Blue Wall, Wooden Round Table, White Midcentury Modern Chair, Black Pendant
Dining Room, Brown Marble Floor Tiles, White Walls, White Shade, Wooden Round Table With Lattice Legs, Wooden Chairs With White Cushion
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Round Table, Light Blue Chairs With Golden Legs, Chandelier
Dining Room, White Floor Tiles, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs With Whte Cushioins, White Walls, White Curtains, Plants
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs Copper Finish, Wooden Cabinet, White Walls, Chandelier
Dining Room, Wood Herringbone Floor, White Wall, Dark Round Wooden Table, Dark Wooden Chairs With White Seating And Back, White Lamp
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Tulip Table, Wooden Chairs With Woven Seating, Wooden Shelves, Rug Mat

Some people love to have their room minimalist without too much decorations or details. Some people see the beauty in minimal look as in less is more. Doing that in interior design usually related to minimalist and modern style. However, it doesn’t necessarily to be those two styles because minimalist look can expand broader. Even just from a minimalist round table can have so many kinds of companions that will make everything looks different. Below are some minimalist look in dining rooms with minimalist round tables that will make anyone consider what they already have.


Wooden Chairs

In this minimalist dining room, it can be seen that the room has white canvas and the dining table set is a simple addition to the room. With white round top table, the dining set is surrounded with wooden chairs with tiny woven back.


Blue Chairs

The natural look of wooden round table that still maintain the wood pattern like this one is unquestionable. From there, it can get warmer or balanced with colder choice. This one here goes with pretty icy blue chair with golden legs that look superb with the wooden table.


Minimalist ModernĀ 

Akin with the previous one, the wooden table here is accompanied with modern look chairs. The white midcentury modern chairs that complete not only the table but also the overall look of the dining room with its black modern pendant and white cabinet.


Modern Wood

This one here treats the wooden dining table a little differently. Accompanied with modern chairs that look amazing with its sleek finish, the chairs are wood. The modern look is also strengthened with white cushions and room.


Black Chairs

Still with wooden round table, this one here is accompanied with black wooden chairs. They are bold but looks warm with its old and familiar design. Added by warm colorful rug, the dining set is wonderfully minimalist and warm at the same time.


Metal Finish

With white table, any kinds of chairs are welcomed. It would not crash or anything. In other words, it’s a safe bet. This one here added a metal look finished chair on the white round table and they look good together, if not elegant.


White and Rattan

This white small tulip table looks beautiful in the company of wooden chairs with rattan seating. The simplicity of the table and chairs is prominent to the simple room that it compliments each other well.


Woods on White

Minimalist inspired people would love to use white colors in almost everything. Even if there are another color in the room, it probably the color of wood or plants. It depicts perfectly in this room. With white canvas room, the round wooden table and chairs look pronounced without being too bold.


Wooden Look

Combining white and wood color, this room looks balanced. It has the clean white look on the table and wall and neutral wood on the furniture and floor.


Formal Look

In making a minimalist look, sometimes one need to pick the one that looks the most formal. With dark wooden chairs and white seating like this one, it’s impossible to think besides modern and minimalist vibe.

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