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bedroom with white flooring, white wall, white ceiling, black low square side table, black table lamps, black linen bed Blaze Press

Bedroom With Dark Wooden Floring, White Rug, Wooden Side Table With Cabinet, White Bed, Large Mirror
Bedroom With White Flooring, White Wall, White Hanging Lamp, White Nad Black Paintings, Small Bed With Brown Bed Linen
Bedroom With White Embossed Wall, Pink Bean Bacg, Pink Chair, White Table, White Shelves, White Small Haning Cabinet, Soft Pink Curtain
Bedroom With Nude Rug, White Wall, Black Built In Side Table, Black Wooden Wall On The Head Of The Table, Black Bedding, White Linen
Bedroom With Grey Wall, Grey Cupboard, Grey Wooden Flooring, Grey Wooden Bedding, Grey Linen, Grey Rug, White And Black Lamps
Bedroom With Wooden Flooring, Built In Bedding, White Linene Bed, Red Clock
Bedroom With Bed Wall, Bed Wooden Flooring, Black Round Side Table, White Linen Bed, Black Wall Lamp
Bedroom With White Flooring, White Wall, White Ceiling, Black Low Square Side Table, Black Table Lamps, Black Linen Bed
Bedroom With Light Grey Wall, White Flooring, Large Bed With Monochrome Linen, White Hanging Lamp, White Side Table
Bedroom With Sliding Wooden Door To Cupboard, White Rug, White Wall, Wooden Side Table, Wooden Stool, Wooden Chair, White Linen Bed

With the rising popularity of low profile bed and grey color palette, minimalism rise as one of the most popular look too. Minimalism emphasizes on simple and clear lines and minimal furniture. It is the place where nothing but tranquillity stays at the room. And as minimalism portraits serenity, where is the best place to start? Of course it’s the bedroom where serenity is all that people need in when they want to rest.

In the Calmness of Wood

In this minimalist bedroom, it can be seen that all there are only the bed and red clock while the bedding and side table or shelves are built-in in one structure. With white linen, it looks so simple.


Brown Spot

As minimalism honours soft colours, there is only small chance that you will see bold colour in minimalist bedroom. Just look at this one here. With almost nothing but the bed and lamp, the colour scheme is almost all in white except the brown bed. It definitely looks clear.


Grey Colour Palette

As it has said before that minimalism rise to popularity with grey colour palette, it is easily assumed that they are correlated. And of course they are! As grey is actually a colour without colour, like black and white, it depicts perfectly as the favourite colour of minimalism. And here we have a bedroom with grey wall, grey floor, and grey linen on low profile bed. The only thing that is not in grey is the hanging lamp.


Black and White

Before grey is popular, of course black and white becomes the simplest of simplicity. And look at here we have white room with black bed, side table and lamp. The painting in the head is kind of the mix of the two colours. Without anything else seen, clearly your problem will not allowed to enter this room too.


White on Black

Similar with the previous one, this one also has white and black only in the room with black as the majority of colour and white in the middle is kind of the focal point where it’s the stark among the dark.


Soft Brown Minimalist

Besides grey, black, and white, another soft colour will be perfect for minimalist room as long as it is not too colourful. Here in the picture we have a room with white wall, rug, and linen on the bed while the other colour, brown, sweetly sits as blanket, small stool and side table, and of course the sliding door.


All White

Contrary to the other pictures where black colour is seen quite strongly, in this one we see mostly of white from the ceiling to the floor. Black is only in the side table and lamp. It is so serene, beautiful, and clears your mind once you enter a room like this.


Large Mirror

Although usually minimalist bedroom refuse too many furniture except for the bed, side table, and lamp, furniture like mirror can be really popular. With its useful function, it helps the room looks wider effortlessly.


Comfortable Grey Room

This is another grey room that looks so perfect with its light wooden floor, simple wooden bedding, and rug. The hanging lamps are so beautiful and simple. The built-in cupboard looks perfectly united with the wall.


Pinkish Minimalist

This one here is perfect for anyone with more feminine character. With its pink chairs and bean bag, which even though just the only two things which are not white, it gives so much different. Hence, the room is still simple and clutter free.

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