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hanging lamp in the shape of mediterranian lamp Flickr

Hanging Lamp Looks Like Stalagtite With Black Body And Lights On Tip
Hanging Lamp In The Shape Of Mediterranian Lamp
Hanging Lamp In The Shape Of Thin Stalagtite
Hanging Lamp With Simple Round Bulb On Two Sides
Hanging Lamps With Lamp Shaped Like A Rose
Bedside Hanging Lamp With White Funnel Shaped Of Cover
Bedside Hanging Lamp With Off White French Style Cover
Bedside Hanging Lamp With A Round Lamp From Needle Of Lights
Hanging Lamp With Orb Inside An Ovale Circle Of Gold
Hanging Lamp Inside A Cage

While some people choose bedside table lamps, some others choose bedside hanging lamps. It doesn’t mean that one of them is the best but it just means that people have their own preferences. And, whatever your preference is, surely, you don’t want to just go with anything. You will want something stunning to complete the look of your bedroom. Now, here below are some gorgeous bedside hanging lamps to give you some ideas.


 Simple Orb Bulb Hung

Fir the first lamp, we start with the simplest of all. However, even though it’s simple, it doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful. With its golden chain and cap on the base of the bulbu, it pronounce simplicity and class at the same time.


An Orb Inside

Similar to the previous one, this one also has orb or round bulb. The difference is that in this one, the bulb is inside a golden oval ring that hangs properly from the ceiling. And it’s simple as well as beautiful to look at.


Flowers Hung

Try to get some shape in a bedroom is can be gained by putting a simple thing like hanging lamp. And in this minimalist bedroom, the owner clearly has some interesting shape hung from the ceiling, something like a rose. It’s a good way to put something beautiful and different in your room.


Ball of Tiny Lights

Similar with the previous idea, this one also tries to light the room from a round lamp. However, this one is more like a ball with tiny lights that looks interconnected. It’s so cool, precious, and beautiful. It will definitely raise the mood when you go to sleep and wake up at morning.


White Funnel

If you keen to have something unique, this one has something to offer you. With its unique shape of a funnel, this white hanging lamp brings more direction for its light. So, if you love to read before you sleep, this one is perfect for you.


French Style 

If you like more feminine hanging lamp to match your flowers and soft colored wall, this kind of hanging lamp is a great choice. You can choose a soft colored cover from off-white to grey and it’ll look good.


Beautiful Edges

At first, you might think this one is quite similar with Mediterranean lamp but one you get used to the absence of colorful glasses, this one is captivating in its own way. The curves and edges of it sends beauty on its own. It transfers tranquility in the room.


Lights on Tip

If you love a thin and long look that will accentuate lines in your room, this one is perfectly what you need. This one is also for those who love dim light as the tip will shine as much as it’s needed to give you lights to read, but not too glaring.


Thin Stalactites

Similar with the previous one, this one also gives you the dim light from a hanging lamp that looks like sprout from the ceiling, like stalactite, with modern touch. If you love having dimmer light but more spreading like this one, you can adjust the lamps quite high.


Lamp Cage

Going into shabby theme? This one will definitely make you content. The lamp inside the shabby cage will gives you the beautiful shabby aura.

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