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bookworm bed along the window, white bedding, red bed platform, red curtain, grey wall, wooden shelves on the wall, red curtain Architectural Digest

Bed Nook, White Wooden Wall Inside, Wallpaper On The Wall And Ceiling, Blue Curtian, White Wooden Platform
Bed Nook, Striped Bed Platform Cover, Brown Curtain, Bookshelves On The Side Wall, Window, Pendant
Bed Nook, Blue Wooden Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, White Bedding, Striped Curtain, Bookshelves On Top Of The Curtain, Sconces
Bed Nook, Striped Curtain, Wall, Bed Platform Cover, Yellow Bedding, Round Glass Window
Bedding Nook With Grey Wallpaper, Grey Bed Platform, Green Curtain, White Bedding, Shelves On The Headboard, Sconce, Wall Pictures
Grey Wooden Bed Nook, Wooden Wall, Bookshelves On Headboard, Storage Under, Coffee Table
Bookworm Bed Along The Window, White Bedding, Red Bed Platform, Red Curtain, Grey Wall, Wooden Shelves On The Wall, Red Curtain
Bed Nook, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue White Bedding, Blue Pattern Curtain On Rail, White Wall, Glass Door
White Wooden Bed Nook In Octagonal Framed, Bookshelves On Headboard, Blue Pattern Bedding, Near Window
Bed Nook, Red Inside Wall With Shelves On Headboard, Window With Red Shade, White Red Curtain, Black Painted Wall Outside, White Framed Curvy Arch

If your bed looks cluttered with books, you might be a bookworm. And you might love these bedroom here. Designed simply and narrow, these bedroom surely can be the perfect place to escape reality and peruse the books without disturbs.

Warm Maroon
In this one, the comfort is not only seen on the bed and bookcase on the headboard but also on the warm color of red seen on the platform and curtain beautifully arranged here. Positioned near the window makes it the perfect place to read at day.

Grey Comfort
In this one, a modern comfort is seen through the neutral grey of wallpaper and bedding platform. The minimalist look on the platform and shelves is a great look both for man or woman.

Warm Traditional
In this one, you can see traditional look that feels so warm and comfortable. The wooden wall and ceiling bring out textured details while the pattern on the bedding and curtains strengthen homey vibe and traditional look even more.

Octagonal Frame
An attractive idea is seen in this white wooden bed nook with its octagonal shape. The shelves on headboard is perfect for those who love to read. And the window is perfect to read at day.

Pretty Bed Nook
If you want to create this look, you can do it easier than the previous one as it does not need built-in bed platform and only add a bed inside. However, the curtain has brought privacy as much as the previous one. The curvy details on the frame is one pretty sight from this simple nook.

Rustic Nook
Nook with big wooden details like this one here surely brings a great vibe to the room. It brings traditional and rustic sense altogether. With storage under the cushion, you can use the space not only to sleep and reading read but also to keep your things tidily.

Private Nook
This one here is for those who don’t have alcove or nook but still want to have the private corner to get out of the reality some time. The easiest thing to do is to close the area with curtain hang from the rail, like in the hospital. OF course, to make it less-hospital-ish, you can do it with pretty pattern like this one here.

Modern Nook
In this nook, with striped pattern all over the nook, the nook looks tidy in modern vibe. However, not only that it has strict lines all over the nook but it also has fun round glass window to see the view outside. It’s a great place to spend long time reading.

Warm Modern
Similar to the previous one, this one too has striped pattern on the bed platform cover. However, with brown curtain on the nook, it brings in warmer vibe.

Bold Red
In this one, the nook is bold in red inside. It gives strong ambiance inside the nook. Combined with black painted wall on the outside, it looks pretty in contrast.

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