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covered patio pavers modern pool waterfall coping lounge chair white round ball hot tub space wooden siding BBQ outdoor spa area pendant lights Creative Environments

Indoor Pool Grey Tiled Lined Wall Gym Area Home Spa Recessed Lights High Raised Ceiling
Indoor Pool Wooden Deck Hot Tub Space Orange Table Armchair Orange Side Table Gas Fireplace Recessed Lights Covered Patio
Wooden Deck Lounge Chair Wall Sconce Rope Balls Covered Walkway Open Dining Room
Modern Pool Open Patio Wooden Deck Lounge Chair Recessed Lights Dining Area Concrete Tiles Palm Tree
Waterfront Modern Pool Planters Pool Staircase Side Yard Wooden Deck
Rooftop Pool Lounge Chair Wooden Deck Glass Siding Tiled Wall
Pool Trees Patio Hedges Pool Lights Recessed Lights
Covered Patio Pavers Modern Pool Waterfall Coping Lounge Chair White Round Ball Hot Tub Space Wooden Siding BBQ Outdoor Spa Area Pendant Lights
Outdoor Lounge Chair Rectangular Tiles Covered Patio Round Table White House
Modern Pool Water Screen Pojection Tv Outdoor Tv Fountain Raised Planter

As one of favorite places in your house, the best design of swimming pool is certainly needed. It is not only a place to relax your body by having sport activity, but it is also a place to hold some outdoor events with your beloved relatives. Hence, the swimming pool should be designed in practical as well as in attractive manner. Here are ten ideas of modern swimming pool you may be inspired with.

West House Swimming Pool

It is a modern design of swimming pool with some attractive spots such as open dining area, spa corner and covered walkway. Next to the swimming pool, you can enjoy the lounge chairs on the wooden deck directly overlooking the pool. What are more interesting about this design are the rope balls as the additional furniture.

Minimalist Style Modern Swimming Pool

It is a modern swimming design in minimalist house covered in white theme. Overlooking the hill, it is the best place for you to enjoy the nature while you are sitting on the custom outdoor lounge chairs.

Urban Swimming Pool

This swimming pool provides you with some features of water. Beside the main pool, this design is completed with the hot water tub spot and small waterfall. The covered patio with some ball pendant lights is there serving you the outdoor sofa to enjoy the pool.

Sydney Design Modern Swimming Pool

It is a typical swimming pool design in natural area with some green environment surrounding. The pool shape is custom completed with the appealing pool lights. Overlooking the pool, there is a covered patio with the outdoor space with fireplace and lounge you may enjoy.

Swimming Pool in Coastal Design

This unique rectangular pool can be designed in your side yard with some planters and trees beside the pool. What make this pool even more attractive are the pool deck and staircase that can connect the pool to the other spaces such as gym or spa center.

Grotto Pool with Water Screen

This amazing design of swimming pool serves you  the idea of entertaining pool. Why? It is because while you enjoy yourself in the pool, you may be able to watch the outdoor TV. It is even more breathtaking with the water screen applied. In addition, this pool have the fountain with raised planters.

Melbourne Geometry View

It is so warm to see the design of this swimming pool. This large pool is surrounded by trees and hedges. It looks even more amazing with some pool lights applied.

Modern Swimming Pool in Futuristic House

It is an indoor modern swimming pool with hot water spot and wooden deck that overlooks the gas fireplace. It its a perfect place to spend the day with family in relaxed nuance.

Modern Indoor Swimming Pool

It is an indoor design of modern swimming pool in minimalist building. The pool is perfectly matched with grey tiled floor, horizontally-lined wall and the blue recessed lights. This place enables you to also enjoy some supporting spots such as gym and spa.

Rooftop Modern Swimming Pool

In this rooftop swimming pool, you are served with the glass siding of the pool enabling you enjoy the fresh water indirectly. Besides, you can just relaxed on the lounge chairs while looking at the sky. It is so refreshing.

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